Tunesday: Wastin’ All These Tears

Over the weekend I went to see Cassadee Pope and Pat Green perform at Stubb’s.  It’s my favorite performance since I’ve lived in Austin, including all of ACL a few weekends ago.  Cassadee was the winner of The Voice and has just released her first album.  Little did I know that one of her songs had recently really been pumping up my runs.

I finished my last tempo circuit to this song last night (told you I’d get that run in), and in the past few weeks have had a couple tearful finishes to runs with this one.  It’s a great feeling when your sweat combines with your tears and both salty waters work together to heal your soul.




Don’t think.

Some days too much thinking can kill the desire to run.  For me that day is today.

This morning when I woke up I thought I shouldn’t run.  I ran that double digit race yesterday.

Given an extra hour at lunch today I though I shouldn’t run.  I need to be grading exams and walking Miley.

But, I want to run.  My body and my soul are begging my brain to let me hit the trails.  So tonight after my last class, I won’t think about it.  I’ll just run.

Just do it. Thanks Nike!

Race Recap: Run for the Water 10 Miler 2013

A typical pre-race routine involves plenty of resting, hydration and sleep.  Sometimes, like life, race timing is anything but typical.  My friend and client Sharon drove over from Baton Rouge, LA on Friday to spend the weekend with me and run the 10 miler today.  Had we been really serious about it, we would have stayed off our feet, eaten well and gone to bed plenty early Friday and Saturday, gulping water along the way.


Sharon is anything but serious or typical.  She has a zest for life and thirst for adventure and because of that we have had a fantastic weekend.  Friday night we took a skylight riverboat cruise on Lake Austin, keeping us up past both of our curfews.  Beautiful cityscapes and lively conversation filled the hour we spent on the Lonestar Riverboat.

Conversation and Cityscapes


Saturday morning she was up with me to meet Team CIS for their long run and was brave enough to handle mascot Miley for the hour we were on the trail.  Our endurance training continued at the Athleta store at the Domain where we tried on outfit after outfit until we both found a top we wanted to wear in the race.

The adventure continued Saturday night as no trip to Texas is complete without boots, and no trip to Austin without live music.  We threw our country dresses on with our boots and drove into the city for the Cassadee Pope and Pat Green concert.  Standing on your feet for 5+ hours in cowboy boots, foot tappin’ and hip swayin’ the duration of it is not typically in the recommendations for race prep.  But again, she, and my running philosophy are far from typical.

Pat Green is a phenomenal entertainer and we were both so glad we stayed the entire concert.  Our hips and toes were feeling it this morning but sometimes you have to pushthrough some soreness ;).

Then this morning, the true reason for her visit was upon us. We were up by 6 with less than 6 hours of sleep, tripping over Miley and trying to throw together our pre-race meals (oatmeal with almond butter) and get some caffeine in.  When I let Miley out for the bathroom, I noticed the wet concrete of our backyard and sent up a silent prayer that the rain would stop.

We toed the line with the thousands of other runners out to support access to clean drinking water in Africa (the charity for Run for the Water) and after a 15 minute weather delay, we were off into the hills of rich Austin.  Before we even reached the first mile we had a compliment on our purple tops.  Conversation of goals, love, life, running, and travel flowed easily for the ten miles.  We chatted with other runners about the ritzy houses and tradition of the race as we ran through neighborhoods still quiet fromthe early morning.

We finished with the sun up and the hazy drizzle hiding the bulk of Austin’s skyline.  It ended up being a 10 mile PR for Sharon but we went into it lighthearted and looking for fun.  Which is exactly what we got, reminding me that running shouldn’t be your life, rather, it should fit into your lifestyle in whatever way you see fit.  There is a time and a place for serious racing, just as there’s a time and a place for staying out late with your boots on.


Meet Team CIS!

One of my favorite things as a coach is the group training for long(er) distance races like half and full marathons.  This year I’ve got my first group of Austin runners training for the 3M Half Marathon in January.

I’m thrilled to be working with a group of dedicated and wonderful Communities in School employees.  We meet on Wednesday nights for circuit training and then again on Saturdays to enjoy the long runs together.  We’ve bumped up from our initial distance of 3 miles to 4 miles this month and everyone has a great base established!

The group has battled red ants, Zilker fences and now after this morning, rowing regattas!  Nothing keeps us off the trail 🙂

Team CIS long run of 4 miles! Mascot Miley was being disagreeable….and typical.


Asian Veggie Fried Quinoa

I’ve been doing a lot of “unconventional” research on nutrition lately through some mentors I’ve been exposed to at my internship.  There is a lot of support for eliminating sugar (and foods that create a sugar-like reaction in your body) from your diet.  Different professionals define these parameters in dozens of different ways but many of them go so far as to eliminate oats and rice as a sugar imitation.

As if giving up processed foods isn’t difficult enough, they’re asking us to give up delicious bases to many meals.  Warm oatmeal after a cold winter run? Yes, please!  Rice (brown or wild) with some stir-fried veggies?  An obvious choice.  So what to do without those as options?  I’ve found quinoa to be a strong substitute.

Quinoa is not actually a grain but a seed and so has a different reaction in your body.  Additionally it’s packed with more protein than both oats and rice.  I’ve substituted it for both and had delicious results! It’s a tad bit crunchier and nuttier than oats and rice but it suits my fancy.

Quinoa Fried Rice

1 c frozen stir fry veggies

1 egg

meat of choice (optional)

1 c cooked quinoa

soy sauce (optional)

This recipe is so so easy.  Ready y’all?

  1. Skillet the vegetables.  “Skilleting” is a term I coined when I studied abroad in Ireland.  It’s used loosely as a substitute for sautee.  Basically cook the veggies in a skillet until they’re not frozen.
  2. Crack an egg into the mix and stir it in with the veggies.  Could use two if you want an extra protein boost.
  3. Add 1 c of cooked quinoa (I like to cook up a big batch of 2 cups dry on Sunday night to scoop from throughout the week) and stir it in with the eggs and veggies.
  4. Add soy sauce or other spices as you like!

Dump it all onto a plate and enjoy!  This would be a great post-workout meal: complete with protein and carbs from the veggies and quinoa!  I ate it after a bodyweight circuit and some running in the park.  Dee-licious.

(Picture to follow soon).


Next Race: Run for the Water 10 Miler

I can’t believe I haven’t raced since April!  The last race I completed was the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon.  I have a client coming into town to run the Run for the Water 10 Miler on October 27.  I wasn’t planning to run it this year (I ran last year) as I’m trying not to repeat races anymore for the sake of holding onto some funds…..but I enjoy this race, it supports a good cause and I love this time of year in Austin and have someone to share it with.  Might as well!!

Every race entry helps provide access to water!

Do you live in Austin?  Have you signed up yet?  If not, and you’d like to run – here is the link!  Join us.


Tunesday: Texas on My Mind

Disclaimer: just because I chose a Texas song as my first Tunesday post on the personally professional blog does not mean I’ve turned into a Texan.  It just means I’ve got tickets to see Pat Green this weekend :).

When I run I don’t always like to listen to intense, high-energy pump-up style music.  My long runs are frequently backed by the easy-rolling guitars of country artists.

Pat Green

Texas on My Mind

I’ve got half a mind to call her, half a mind to go

Come on down to Texas y’all.