A Fresh Start

Hello y’all.  I won’t try to pretend like I’ve been in touch for the past three months.  I know, I’ve been pretty absent as far as words on RunMem or Coach Sprenkel goes.  But that’s not to say I’ve just been lounging around in bed.  In fact, it’s been a busy October-January.  I didn’t want to stop writing, I just got out of the habit.  I let other things take priority, like being a single mom to my four-legged princess, finishing my third semester of graduate school, teaching anatomy to the undergrads, coaching fitness/running (<3) and traveling.  I snuck my eleventh state in there with a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma but otherwise there’s honestly been very little running.

Taking a break from running was hard for me.  It’s been an almost daily activity of mine for more than 5 years.  Everyday there was a tiny struggle inside – “Can we get outside today?”  I’m not sure what part of myself was speaking – my soul?  My heart?  The self?  I’ve used runner as an identifying characteristic for so long I didn’t feel like myself without that daily activity.  It’s what I’m hoping to build my business around (who wants to hire a coach that doesn’t run herself?!).  It’s good for my soul.  However, my attention and focus was needed elsewhere.

The break was wonderful.  I went out with friends in Austin without worrying about getting up early the next morning to run.  I slept in (forgot what that felt like – heaven!).  I rested my feet.  I read.  I walked Miley.  I got pedicures.  I studied and relaxed.  I did yoga.  I lifted heavy weights.  Even better than all of that, I was able to miss running.  I never anticipated the break would turn into quitting, and just so, I’m ready to return to the road.  And with it, to the words.

What better time to return to what you love than the first full week of a new year?  Here’s to new beginnings (even of old things) in 2014.  What would you like to start over this year?


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    • Yes! Here’s to living in the present – so often we’re stuck thinking about the future, including in training for races. It’s all for that one race weeks away, but what’s not to love about the process!

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