State # 12

Well, nearly a week later and I’m feeling fully back in the swing.  One of the few excuses I truly believe in giving into is illness.  I came down with an upper respiratory infection last week and the consistent coughing and drainage headache made running too painful.

But today I was back to the track.  I met some classmates this afternoon for a Fartlek run in the sun.

Laps on the Track  photo cred: reidjsphotography

Laps on the Track

photo cred: reidjsphoto

Workout Template

  • 3 lap warmup
  • 1 minute steady:1 minute easy (20 minutes total)
  • 3 lap cooldown

We managed to average about one lap per two minutes and so in total my distance was 4 miles today.  I was surprised that my average pace was close to 8:00.  I certainly don’t feel like I can keep that pace steadily right now but by allowing myself the one minute rest breaks, I was able to go a bit faster on the hard intervals.

Felt good, but I bet I’ll be sore tomorrow!  In fact, I feel so good, I’ve picked out my next state: Arkansas!

State 12. March 2, 2014

Bring it on Little Rock Half – March 2, 2014.



2 thoughts on “State # 12

  1. The Little Rock race is pretty fun. I ran the full in 2012 and loved it, with most of the hills being in the second half, which you won’t run. The organizers are pretty wacky — have fun!

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