Weekly Workout: Driveway Circuits

Last week I gave you a Spin Profile for the Weekly Workout.  This week I wanted to share a new tradition that’s happening in my house.  One of the benefits of being a fitness major is that I’m surrounded by people who share a love for activity.  Not sure many other degree programs would gather in the driveway and throw stuff around on a Saturday morning.  But we do.

After a warm-up to get the blood pumping faster and open up our foot/ankle, hip and t-spine joints, we completed the following workout:

Spend 5 minutes at each station, moving through the three moves as many times as you can.  Take less than a minute to move to the next station.


The Driveway Awaits

The Driveway Awaits


Station 1

  1. Lunge Matrix with Slam – 1 time through each side
  2. Leap Matrix – 3 times each side
  3. 10 split stance single arm presses – 10 each side.  choose weight

Station 2 

  1. Agility Ladder – lateral loco of choice – 3 times down and back
  2. Feet elevated on chair, lateral toe taps – 10 each side
  3. 5 KB swings – 25 pounds

Station 3

  1. 5 step ups each leg, holding weight – you choose weight
  2. 10 bent over rows each arm – you choose weight
  3. 15 box jumps

Station 4

  1. Quick out of sync arms on rope – 15 each arm
  2. Rope Jacks – 15
  3. 15 pushups

Station 5

  1. TRX Rows – 15
  2. Up and Down Hip Drivers – 10
  3. TRX Pistol Squats – 5 each leg

I’m out of town this weekend but can’t wait to continue this weekend tradition in February!


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