February’s Theme: Heart Matters

Anyone else feeling like January quietly slipped out the 2014 exit?  With the month of resolutions, goals and motivation behind us, it’s time to step boldly into February with a new theme.  I’ve selected Heart Matters as the theme for February so all this month I’ll be talking about hearts and love.

Before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out.  The hearts I’ll be talking about are the ones beating in your chest – how to keep them healthy, how to make them stronger and why you’d want to do either of those things in the first place. But hearts aren’t my focus today.

Celebrate and spread this kind of love

The love I’ll be talking about is not the stereotypical-couples-only-Valentine’s-Day-Love that everyone associates with February.  That kind of love is great, and I absolutely think it should be celebrated, however…..as a proudly single woman, I have some other kinds of love I’d like to express and I’ll focus on a different group each week.

  • Self
  • Friends and Family
  • Strangers
  • Mother Nature

See, plenty of love to be go around if you’re single.  Hell, plenty of other kinds of love to go around if you’re committed.

February Love Challenge

I’d love it if you joined me in this month’s celebrations and committed to being aware of one deliberate act of love or kindness a day (by all means, more if you can!).  I will share my daily love to help spur ideas and conversation and I’d love to hear how each of you are putting love of all kinds out into the world!  Leave a comment below or share on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) with the hashtag #februarylovechallenge.


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