Recent Inspiration

I’m back! It’s been a while since I put my fingers to work over these black keys for the purpose of a blog post…they’ve been doing plenty of typing of masters reports and grade updates for students though!  Now that graduate school is officially over I am beyond thrilled to have more time to write, build, run and interact with y’all.  Miley, too.

I must say, I’m quite impressed with my efforts to maintain a running schedule through the end of the school year.  I had no specific races on the calendar (not since the epic mess of Arkansas in February!) and was mostly just trying to remember to run in between teaching anatomy and writing that report.  I managed to maintain a running streak and just today surpassed 100 miles since April 14.

I did sneak off to Tulsa last weekend and ran an impromptu 5k on Friday night.  It was the Cinco de Mayo 5k hosted by Fleet Feet Tulsa.  My running friend Ryan (we met at the Route 66 Half last November, and ran NOLA together in February) was there and convinced me to jump in at the last minute.  I had no expectations, especially since I had just hopped out of a seven hour car ride, but wanted to keep up with him.  I stayed close and managed to finish in 23:40 which for me, is pretty darn fast!  I was surprised and pleased with my time and when he texted me later to tell me I won a first place age group medal I thought he was kidding!  I’ve run faster times than that and not placed at all!

My Surprise Hardware

My Surprise Hardware

This recent success has me thinking (always dangerous).  First, I need some goals.  Second, how fast could I be if I really trained?  Third, maybe it’s time to consider Boston.  I’d like to address each of those thoughts here.

1.  Goals – My goal is to spend the summer training under the tutelage of Gilbert of Gilbert’s Gazelles here in Austin.  By the start of August I will try to complete a half in 1:42:20 (PR) and a 5k in 22:05.  To reach these times I will attend Gilbert’s workouts at least twice per week and supplement the other days with my own design.

2. Trained – Really training to me means several things.  Running fast.  In order to be fast, you gotta train fast.  Hydration, rest, nutrition.  I’m all in.

3. Boston – I have never had a desire to run Boston.  Mostly because it would entail TWO more marathons – the qualifier and Boston itself.  But now I do.  I have that desire.  It crept up on me this year watching the live stream of the race and seeing a few friends complete it.  I want those stripes.  I want the blue and yellow.  I want Boston.

Here’s the thing about #3 though.  I have to be fast.  So fast.  My qualifying time is 3:35 (<8:12 per mile) and my fastest marathon time is about 45 minutes slower than that.  I have big doubts.  And big fears of failure.  So my approach is thoughtful.  I will spend the summer training session to target the half distance (1:42:20 or 7:47 per mile) and if I can hit that time come August, I’ll start ramping up for marathon training.

I should go back to school, all this free time is making me have crazy ideas!

What are you training for?  Do you have summer goals?  I’d love to hear about them!


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