Meet Me Under the Oklahoma Sky

Dear Tulsans,

Last fall I came to your town to run in the Route 66 Half Marathon.  For me then, it was a chance to visit my friends Katie and Justin again, to see their now-open coffee shop Foolish Things Coffee Company and to check another state off my list.  In the three days I was there, something unexpected happened.

I felt it even before I arrived in your lovely city, somewhere between Atoka and the toll booths of the Indian Nation Turnpike.  The sun was setting over the breathtaking plains and it made possibilities for the future seem endless.  I’ve always been a go-with-my-gut kind of girl, often leaping into things without much thought.  Like when I chose Rhodes College over Wake Forest because Walkin’ in Memphis was the first song I heard on decision day.  Whatever feeling I had driving in, I announced it as soon as I walked in the door at Katie and Justin’s – “I think I might like to move here.”

Endless Possibilities

The events of that weekend – a wonderful race (albeit a cold 25 degrees), the first run where I’ve actually met people that I still keep in touch with, spending time at Foolish Things and talking to Tulsans about the town only solidified the feeling in my stomach. I love your small town city feel, the energy bursting out of the young entrepreneurs trying to get people excited about living in Tulsa, your riverfront and your friendliness.  There’s an energy in your city and I felt it.  I want to be a part of the growth, part of making Tulsa the best it can be.  And I love that I felt you want that same thing.

Mile 9. The cold riverfront.

A sucker for rivers…

So, in eleven short weeks I will leave Austin in its dust, bringing with me the knowledge and experience I have gained here (of which there is much! Austin, I thank you for the rich growth I’ve experienced in my two years) and the heart for running and coaching I grew in Memphis.  I’ll start by hosting a running group – The Runnin’ Fools – out of Foolish Things Coffee Company.  We will train for the race that brought me to Tulsa in the first place, the Route 66 Half Marathon.   Join us for a FREE group run and meet the Coach (me!) session afterwards at Foolish Things.  Saturday, June 7 at 7 am.

Coffee and running: The perfect morning pair.

I am excited to continue in the spirit of Foolish Things’ ambition to create a community in the downtown neighborhood by creating an outlet for it through running.  Training for a common goal is a powerful way to bring people together and I hope you’ll join us for the miles ahead.  I’ll leave one of my favorite runs below for you to try while you wait for me:

The 30-20-10 (Great for 5k speed training/pretending you’re Katniss running through the arena)

  • Warm up jog for 10-20 minutes
  • The set: 30 seconds of jogging, 20 seconds of running, 10 seconds of sprinting.  Do this 5 times (that’s one set).
  • Complete 3-5 sets resting (walk or jog) for two minutes between sets.
  • Cool down for 10 minutes

I’m looking forward to this next chapter with you Tulsans, and I hope you’re ready for an energetic option in the fitness sector, straight from the capital of fitness, Austin.  See you in June!

Happy trails,

Coach Sprenk


6 thoughts on “Meet Me Under the Oklahoma Sky

    • Thanks Julie 🙂 I’m looking forward to a big adventure. I hope you do come to visit – I think you’d like T-town, plus I’d love to see you!


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  2. Hey there! I love your blog…especially this post! My husband and I will be leaving behind our lives here in D.C. to move to Tulsa in August due to a relocation within his company. We couldn’t feel more “right” about this move and are so excited! I’m reading anything I can find about Tulsa, and as I love to run/jog – it was great to find your post! I’ll have to look up your running group when we finally arrive to town. Here’s my blog if you’d like to follow as well! –

    • Hi Katherine! We’ll have to keep in touch on things to do in Tulsa 🙂

      I’m looking at your blog now and am glad you reached out! When do you officially move to town?

      • Absolutely! We don’t move out there til the end of August. I will definitely be following your posts this summer as you explore the city. Can’t wait to be out there!

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