Fed Up Challenge: Halfway Update

Well y’all, I’ve made it through the first five (out of ten) days of Katie Couric’s Fed Up Challenge!  Last Wednesday I started making a concentrated effort to remove all added sugar from my diet for ten days – including Coke products (not a big issue for me), pastel-colored packets of fake sugar (recently not an issue) and most packaged goods (more of an issue).

Read labels: It’s everywhere!

I am happy to report that I’ve lost 2.3 pounds, have survived some grueling run workouts with plenty of fuel in the tank and have had a steady energy level and appetite.  Sure, there’s been some effort to prepare fresh food but I’m actually having a lot of fun with it.  And the best part is that I’ve inspired a few to try it and even more to start talking about it and looking at labels.  It’s important!

Fed Up approved Med Burgers

Fed Up approved Med Burgers

Day 1 was easy – I had all my meals planned and was excited to be starting a new challenge.

Day 2 was hard – A dull headache settled in my forehead around mid-morning and stayed for a while.  I made an extra effort to drink plenty of water and get a run in.

Day 3 was easy – The headaches were gone, felt strong through my workouts and was enjoying some tasty foods.  I had wine at an alumni event and was able to turn down an offer for frozen yogurt at the end of the night 🙂

Day 4 was easy – The only thing to note here is that I didn’t workout today (rest day) and was hungrier.

Day 5 still easy – The halfway point felt like a big milestone, and like it’s all down hill from here.  I made a new batch of food for the week and am feelin’ good!

Fed Up Approved Avocado and Strawberry Salad

Fed Up Approved Avocado and Strawberry Salad

Are you paying attention to what’s in your food yet?  What food items surprised you with their sugar content?


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