Texas Reunion in Niagara

Several months ago, on one of the few snow days we had in Austin this winter, my roommate Erin asked if I wanted to go to a timeshare presentation with her.  She also offered me the second ticket on two “free” trips we would receive just for listening to the spiel.  I had nothing better to do that day, and won’t ever say no to opportunities to travel so took her up on the offer. We listened for about 3 hours almost opting in to their sales.  I’m telling you, I can’t be left alone for anything, I’m such a sucker for sales people…..

We resisted, or more like Erin resisted and I was finally convinced that with no guaranteed income after graduation yet, a major investment like a timeshare (but the REI part of it was so worth it!) was one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had.  Our first free trip, flights and hotel paid for, was just a few days ago.  I suggested Buffalo, NY for a chance to see Niagara Falls.  It also worked out just so that our friend from graduate school just moved to NYC and was able to meet us there for a reunion.

Of course, even though promised two nights and three days, the way our flights were scheduled it ended up being one full day and two nights.  We sure made the most of that one day at the Falls though!  Starting on the American side, we arrived just after the park opened and went straight for the Maid of the Mist boat ride.

We’d heard that the Maid was a “must-do” and I’ll agree.  We were able to get right up into the mist of the mighty falls.  The boat took us past the American Falls to Horseshoe Falls.  Thank goodness they gave us those bright blue ponchos or we would have been soaked!

We hiked around Niagara Falls Park on the US side for a few more hours before deciding to head across the border to Canada.  My first time!

The Canadian side was much more manicured as far as landscaping goes than the American side.  We crossed over by foot on the bridge you see in some of the pictures above.  We didn’t venture too far into the town, it seemed pretty touristy, filled with Ripley’s Believe It or Not style museums. We did make a stop at the Skylon Tower to get an up-high view (my favorite kind) of the falls.

It was a quick trip – one day total at the falls but that’s plenty of time if you hustle from spot to spot.  It would have been nice to have another day to go back and run or bike on some more of the trails (what a backdrop that would have been!) but we just didn’t have the schedule for it.  I loved being back with the girls I’ve spent the past two years with too!


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