Healthy and Fit Lit Club

School’s been out for just over a month now and I’m finding myself remaining drawn to the learning process.  Most recently I’ve been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and find myself soaking up loads of information that I failed to be exposed to in the classrooms.

Then I got to thinking and running, and thinking while running.  This would be more interesting and fun with a community to share this with.  A group of people to discuss various points of health, whether contemporary discoveries or age-old truths.  People to disagree and challenge current ways of life and health.

So, I’ve decided to host a monthly Book Club!  I will choose a title and announce it in the week before a new month and we’ll spend all of the following month reading.  I will pull out quotes that hit home with me the most on social media (@runsprenkelrun on Insta and Twitter) and then in the last week of the month, I’ll post some questions and we can have an intellectual discussion of the book.

Since I just finished this book (and have lots of questions/chatting points about it!), let’s start July with The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

July Book Club Selection

Grab a copy and start reading with us!


4 thoughts on “Healthy and Fit Lit Club

  1. I just put the book on hold at the library! I will pick it up after “work” this morning and get started! THANK YOU for your inspiration!!! OX

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