Racin’ Page Update

Just a quick post to check out a new tab along the top called “Racin'”.  It will include links to summaries of any race I participate in (including races from the RUNMEM blog!).  I’ve updated it so far to include the 12 states I’ve checked off so far!  Check it out and relive the one that was longer than 13.1 miles, the one that was a perfect 2:00:00, the coldest one (25 degrees) and the warmest one (75+).  As well as all the others scattered between.

I did a four miler this morning with a fast final mile push, followed by 15 minutes of plyometric exercises.  Just #likeagirl ;).



This video has been making its way around Facebook and Pinterest and as a runner, a girl and feminist, I felt compelled to share it.  Thoughts about it have been floating around my head for a while and I’m working on compiling those into a response but for now I just wanted to share it with you to get some thoughts floating around in your head too.


I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts, whether you’re a runner or not.  A girl or not.  A feminist or not.  If the video moves you in some way, speak up.

Oz, Succulents and Running in Tulsa

Happy Monday everyone!

Miley and I hopped in a loaded down car on Friday for the last “visit” to Tulsa!  Next time it’ll be just me in a Penske truck with everything except Miley and a week’s worth of clothing in the back.  The big move happens the first weekend in August – I’ll take all of my things up and then fly back to finish out my last week of work teaching at the University of Texas.  I could not be more relieved to not have to trek south on I-35 again!

Ready to roll!

Ready to roll!

While there was plenty of house work and business work to be done this weekend, I decided it was time to treat Tulsa a little more like I would as a resident and made it a point to go to a few events with my friend Katie and even meet some people who could be new friends!


Facebook tipped me off to an event at the Philbrook Museum of Art on Friday night.  Most cities I’ve lived in have a summer movie series and Tulsa (thankfully!) is no different.  I immediately suggested that we go as soon as I found out it was the Wizard of Oz playing (my all time favorite movie).  We packed a basket of brie, granny smith apples, Riesling and crackers.  Bug spray, a blanket and waters.  The Philbrook is a beautiful mansion surrounded by amazing gardens.  We were nestled amongst the trees off the side lawn.


This week was the first of four weeks that will have shows this summer.  All movies are from the year 1939, celebrating their 75th birthdays along with the Philbrook Museum!

The schedule for the rest of the season is:

  • July 18: Wuthering Heights
  • July 25: Love Affair
  • August 1: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (the last one for the summer, I’ll be back!)

Every week you can expect a good crowd, a different food truck (Andolini’s Pizza for us!) and picnicking!  Lawn chairs, wine and kids are allowed, but no pups.

Not in Kansas...

Not in Kansas…


Saturday was a day for succulents!  I’m not sure if these plants are a new trend or have been around forever and it’s one of those things you find out about when you’re old enough.  But I love them.  They’re so easy to take care of (example: I was given a little planter of 3 for a housewarming gift over a month ago.  I left them on the mantle for four weeks and they were still alive when I came back this weekend!)

Retro Den hosted a “plant your own succulents” party on Saturday and I made it a point to stop by between exploring Tulsa and picking up paint samples.  I browsed Retro Den the last time I was in town, looking for pieces to fill the empty house and while I don’t anticipate an entire home of retro pieces, I do love the idea of choosing a few key items out (and have my eyes on a few things there!)

My own creation!

My own creation!

I picked out my own planter, this gold loaf pan, and my own succulents from around their shop.  I met one of the owners, Ashley D (the other owner is also an Ashley!) and she helped me form a base layer of rocks, situate the individual plants and then cover the dirt with more rocks.  All that service and my own mini-garden for less than $20!

It was a great event, made complete with several food trucks outside.  A yummy Chicago dog was enjoyed by yours truly 🙂


Runnin’ Fools are still going strong!  We bumped up to 4 miles this week and enjoyed coffee, breakfast sandwiches and conversation at Foolish Things afterward.  Our run took us on the Midland Valley Trail (which I think we’ll use often!).  There are water fountains, shade and pavement, situated away from traffic.  A runner’s/biker’s/mover’s heaven!

Runnin' Fools!

Runnin’ Fools!

Sunday we had to leave to make the southern trek back to Austin.  But not before another romp with the kiddo on Turkey Mountain (an almost brilliant idea.  She slept the entire ride home….but stank like river rats).  This time she had two furry black companions.  I am certain we’re both going to love it here – til next time Tulsa!

Trailblazers on Turkey Mountain

Trailblazers on Turkey Mountain


Omnivore’s Dilemma: Part 1 Thoughts

Hi everyone – happy humpday!  I’ve been making some progress on our July selection for the Healthy and Fit Lit Club – Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  Don’t forget you can follow along on Twitter (@runsprenkelrun, using #omnivoresdilemma and #healthyandfitlitclub for quotes and other discussion questions).

Yellow for quotes, purple for discussion

Yellow for quotes, purple for discussion

How is your reading coming?  We’re about a fourth of the way through July so I thought I’d post some discussion questions and general big ideas to get us thinking and talking about the book.  At the end of July I’ll pull from these to have a bigger discussion!

Here are some snippets from my notes up to Chapter 4 (The Feedlot).

  • American paradox: unhealthy people obsessed with the idea of eating healthy.
  • Before the supermarket, do you know where all of your food comes from?  Would it be hard to find out?
  • Corn is everywhere – in 25%+ of the items at the supermarket.
  • What connection do beef/fish/eggs and Twinkies/trashbags/glossy magazine covers have to one another?
  • Irony of “most productive farmers” in history that are “all but going broke”.  They also can’t afford to feed themselves.
  • Changing landscape of the family farm – how did we get from sustainable to subsidized?
  • GMOs…
  • Fertilizers – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Even the farmers can’t drink their own tap water.
  • The cost to American taxpayers (a quarter of the $19 billion annually p.61) – is it worth it.  What are we getting in return?

Looks like we’ll have a lot to discuss!  When I finish section one (through the fast food meal), I’ll do a write up summary of my thoughts.  Until then, post questions and discussion points that YOU have in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking about this, happy reading!


Tulsa Run Giveaway

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July – I certainly had a great family reunion in the countryside of Nashville!  All of my mama’s family converged on the middle sister’s house and stayed for the weekend.  Their Tennessee farm is basically a playground for grownups – we played tennis, watched the horses in the pasture, rode jet skis and went cruisin on Old Hickory Lake.  It’s good to be back in Austin – time to tackle putting things into boxes!

Register Now!

But first!  An announcement about a Tulsa drawing!  There’s a race in October called Tulsa Run that offers 15k, 5k and 2k distances.  My friend Katie has talked about it before and she says it’s a big deal.  There is a drawing that ends TODAY for Tulsa Shock (WNBA) or Tulsa Drillers (Baseball) tickets.  You are entered to win by registering for any of the distances of races.

The race is October 25 so the 15k is a perfect distance to practice for those of you who will be in training for the Route 66 race in November!

I’m in, are you?!