The Next Chapter: Tulsa

After months of solitary weekend trips from Austin to Tulsa, and last weekend’s big truck ride with all of my shit (I seriously need someone to help me purge half of my belongings…let’s work out a trade if you can do that!) I’m finally here to stay.  It’s a stress relief to not have to face the construction and traffic south on I-35 again, and to start to make a routine here.  Here’s a snippet of the first weekend in my new hometown.

After almost 8 hours on the road Friday, I pulled into the driveway and unloaded Miley and all of her things.  The majority of my things – furniture, clothes, books etc. made the trip last weekend in the truck and greeted me piled into the front bedroom (not surprisingly right where I left them last Sunday).  My friend Katie told me to meet her at the cafe at 8:15 to go out for celebratory drinks and that she was wearing a “casual sundress”.

Great.  I was in my usual attire of spandex and cotton, hair in a pony.  And still operating without a clue as to where a majority of specific items are in the mountains of stuff.  Like sundresses….

I managed to find one though, and after a quick walk for the creature I headed to the shop.  They often host events like weddings, rehearsal dinners and showers after hours so I wasn’t surprised to see Katie arranging things on the patio.

She greeted me with a big hug and pointed to the spread and said “Welcome to Tulsa!”  There were two other people on the patio (I was early…) and they also gave me big hugs and said welcome to town.  Exhausted and emotional from leaving a good crew of people in Austin, I cried.  Katie and I go way back to 9 years old and I am so happy to have reconnected with this soul sister.

More people started showing up and Katie took her time introducing me to her clan of people over wine and baked goods from Foolish Things.  It was a perfect welcome to town and so thoughtful.

Surprise Party

Surprise Party

Most of the weekend was spent working on the house.  You know you’re an adult when the highlight of the weekend is using your new washer and dryer for the first time….. I deep cleaned the bedrooms and moved enough stuff around to not be sleeping on the couch or floor anymore.  Although now there’s nowhere to sit with guests…except on beds.  Miley was quick to claim her spot on both beds.  It’s a neverending struggle with that one.

This one shall be mine Mama.

This one shall be mine Mama.

I took a break from the house to whip some people through a boot camp workout on Sunday.  I’m excited about getting a regular Sunday routine together for some people through the coffee shop – a lot of exciting possibilities stirring in this world!

It’s amazing how quickly this place is feeling like home.  I love taking the time in my house to think about exactly where I want everything to go, finding homes for plates and clothes and furniture.  I also love the possibilities for my daily routines.  This Monday is already off to a baller start with a middle distance run with Miley on the Midland Valley Trail, a homecooked breakfast (eggs eaten out of a bowl with a spoon….told you some specific items’ locations are still a mystery) and now some productive time at the office working on some projects.

Morning on the Trail

Morning on the Trail

Hope your Monday is off to an equally baller start 😉

View from the Office

View from the Office


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