Quality Run 1: Circuits

There are a few approaches to take to running training.  Running for a specific number of increasing miles, a growing amount of time, alternating walking and running, high mileage early in the week to fatigue for the long run……and on and on (and the approach that makes me cringe – a long run here and there, “I ran 10 miles once, I can do 3.1 more”  Yea, good luck with that).  My approach, one I learned in school and backed by my runner’s intuition, is to include a variety of kinds of runs throughout the week.  Fartleks.  Circuits.  Tempos.  Progressive.  Hills.  Track.  Speed. Intervals.  

Every so often as we progress through this training season, I’ll change up the weekly quality run as it suits our training needs and will do a brief intro on it here.  This week we’ve got the multi-tasking circuit workout.

Running Circuits

What:  After a warm-up, laps on the track alternate with running-specific strength moves for a specific number of sets and reps.  A cool-down follows.

When:  Frequently early in the training process to build strength in the most used running muscles, and less frequently but consistent later in the season.

Why:  Any type of strength move can be included in the intervals between running bouts but it makes the most sense to include moves that strengthen the leg, core and arm muscles used the most in running.  Doing laps after the strength exercises teaches your muscles to work after being fatigued.  = STRENGTH AND INJURY PREVENTION.

How:  After a one mile easy warmup and drills, complete the following circuit four times

Running Circuit

Running Circuit


The first week this may seem impossible but you’ll be a pro at it in no time!  Good luck friends and I’ll see ya out there 🙂

Saturday Long Run: Foolish Things Coffee at 7 am  


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