100 Days until November 23, 2014

Mark your calendars y’all!

The Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa is just 100 days away.  Organizers are predicting both the half and the marathon will sell out so be sure to register TODAY 🙂  and certainly before prices increase on August 31.


To celebrate this milestone in the countdown, I am dropping the registration prices for the Runnin’ Fools training group. We “practice” 3 days per week together, under the guidance of me, Coach Sprenk (avid international runner, University of Texas Masters grad in Sports Science and Nutrition, experienced running coach with a fierce love for coffee and community) and sponsored by Foolish Things Coffee Company in downtown Tulsa.

We’ll do track workouts, we’ll do tempo runs, we’ll practice hills.  I’ll be there for high fives and fist bumps when your short runs turn into long runs, and for smacks on the wrist when you oversleep your alarm.  We’re a fun, encouraging group and would love to have you!

New special price for the 100 day mark is $125 prorated from the end of August until race day!


If you’re interested in joining us to run your first or fifth + half marathon – leave your info below OR shoot an email to coachsprenkel AT gmail DOT com  and Sprenk (me, myself and I) will be in touch!  Don’t hesitate if you want to train remotely and make a weekend out of it – I specialize in that 🙂


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