Puerto Rico: All-inclusive (Breakfast-included) resort (Quality Inn) style

Hi everyone!  The past few weeks have been filled with so much excitement.  Settling into a new routine.  Unpacking in a new (but old) house.  Celebrating my arrival into the late-20s.  And most recently, taking a little trip to Puerto Rico.

Some of you may remember the Niagara Falls trip I took earlier in the summer.  Well, this Puerto Rico trip was through the same company.  Erin (great friend from graduate school) and I took one of our many snow days to sit through a timeshare sales pitch (should surprise no one that I almost took the bait) and in return we got our 2-night, 3-day flight and hotel trip to Buffalo, as well as a 4-nights, 5-days all-inclusive resort stay in Puerto Rico.  This most recent trip didn’t include our flights but we figured since we wouldn’t be paying for much on the trip, it’d be worth it.  (Spoiler alert: It was).  

We received our booking details (you don’t really get to pick when you go.  We just submitted some arbitrary windows of time we thought we’d both be available.) and were notified it would be late August.  Not our first choice, but still the beach is the beach.  We also found out that it actually wasn’t an all-inclusive (breakfast-included) resort (Quality Inn).  Welp, adventure surely awaits.

I packed as I usually do: the morning of by throwing the latest load of clean clothes into my suitcase.  This morning of happened to be at 3:30 am….. Erin is also an athlete and personal trainer so I knew we’d be doing plenty of activity.  My standard athletic wardrobe was perfectly acceptable.  She asked me to bring a yoga mat to introduce her to the practice, so I threw that in and a pair of dumbbells (normal right?)

I flew first to Atlanta, sleeping most of that flight.  When I boarded the plane to Puerto Rico I noticed that each seat had their very own screen stuffed into the seat in front of them.  It didn’t phase me too much because a recent flight I’d taken also provided free screens but movies and shows at an additional cost.  I slept for a while and then realized that our free screens also included free TV shows, movies, music, games and a flight tracker.  I was disappointed when the TV shows didn’t include Vampire Diaries so instead settled on a movie.

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

Divergent.  This was a risky choice because I devoured all 3 books of this series in almost one sitting (one vacation trip).  I didn’t feel so invested in the story though that I cared much if or how the book differed.  So I watched.  And I do not regret it at all.  I’m a big fan of Katniss from Hunger Games and now Tris from Divergent.  They both serve as motivation for running and being a badass female.   Much like I sometimes pretend I’m Katniss running from tracker jackers during interval training, I can now add a visual to pretending to chase down a train Four as Tris in Divergent.



The movie didn’t exactly stick to the books but that didn’t upset me.  I’d never seen Shailane in a movie and might have a new girl crush….

Anyway back to our trip.  Erin and I lucked out and found each other on the Dollar shuttle to the rental car spot.  We’d decided to rent a car for two days in order to make it to the rainforest.  I was a little nervous about this leading up to the trip but the rates are so much less expensive in Puerto Rico than the mainland.  For two days we each paid around $40.  Definitely worth it.

We stopped at a Wal-Mart (I know, kill me.  But, it was nice to have familiar options for groceries).  We figured we could have breakfast at the hotel everyday, one meal out a few times and then use groceries for the rest of our eating.  I spent less than $30 on some sliced deli meat, guacamole, 2 grapefruits, bananas, lettuce and mixed nuts.  Nothing glamourous but all in the budget!

On our drive to the QI (which wasn’t resort style but wasn’t crappy either) we tried to make a priority list for the trip.  For beach vacations, I’m more of a sit-on-the-beach-with-a-book-all-day girl.  Erin is a see-all-the-sights kind of girl.  So we blended.

  1. See the Rainforest
  2. Tour Old Town
  3. Run/Practice Yoga/Workout (I know, we’re cray)
  4. Sit on the beach
  5. See a sunrise/sunset

We made a tentative plan, ate and went to check out the beach.  Finally settled into vacation mode.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to read all about our rainforest trip!!

IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0017



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