Puerto Rico: Long Running in San Juan

Day three of our Puerto Rican adventure had a long run built into it.  Erin and I are both training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October so we agreed we would run long at least once.  Since we didn’t have set plans on Tuesday, it seemed as good a day as any!

The weather in Puerto Rico was very similar to what we’re both used to in Texas and Oklahoma.  It was humid in the morning and we needed to get out as early as we could.  We managed to be out the door before the sunrise, and caught the best one of the trip.  I love it when mother nature rewards your efforts 🙂

We followed a similar path as our first run but of course had to extend it by nearly twice as many miles.  We ended up stumbling upon this fantastic really large paved sidewalk that went down around the outside of the city and kept us close to the water.  Old San Juan was also a little bit hilly so we felt appropriately challenged for at least one of the hills that awaits in San Francisco.

There was a strangely large population of stray cats hanging out all over the rocks on this path.  I was a little creeped out (definitely not a big cat person) – probably close to a hundred cats were roaming around.

Even though we managed to get in 8.5 miles, it was by no means a very serious run.  Obviously we stopped to take photos (see the slideshow below!) and to enjoy the sunrise as well as other scenery, and cats.  Vacation running doesn’t have to be as rigid as training running (hell, even training running doesn’t have to be so serious all the time!).  Part of why I do this anyway, is to see things.  Experience things that I wouldn’t if I wasn’t running.  And it certainly gave me that on this trip!


2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico: Long Running in San Juan

  1. I always bring a pair of running shoes to any trip, even a weekend getaway to a nearby state. Long runs outside of my own training grounds can be weird (because you don’t have any familiar markers to tell you how far you’ve gone), but it does take you places you’d otherwise not go. Last summer was great, because it gave me a chance to log some quality miles in Miami, Ocean City and San Francisco — all completely different environments and sights.

    Your pictures look beautiful — old Colonial architecture and nature overlapping to make a very memorable 8.5 miles.

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