Tulsa: One Month Later

As I was running on the river last night, I realized it was the evening bookending my first complete month in Tulsa.  I had a great second half of a 9 miler around the lake river (the Austinite in me still refers to rivers as lakes!).  I was watching the sun set and remembered one of my very first nights here I did the same thing.  And then realized I had been in this new place exactly one month.

It’s funny to me, because both Austin and Memphis took a little while to feel like home.  Not Tulsa.  Maybe I just got lucky with the friends I’ve made, or maybe it’s just the Oklahomans and their kindness.  I’m not sure, but I like it.  People have been asking me how I’m doing and how I’m liking Tulsa and what it’s like – I was thinking about all of this on my run last night, trying to come up with an appropriate way to present it to you.  Then I remembered the blog post of another girl, also new to Oklahoma, who I haven’t met yet but we’ve connected virtually over this similar life transition (and plan to meet soon!), who described it via her senses.

And now I will do the same.

Tulsa tastes like….

….fresh vegetables.  From the garden.  Or from the farmer’s market.  There’s a lot of Oklavore cooking going on here.

….my morning latte.  Part of my morning routine is stopping by Foolish Things Coffee Company.  I do event planning for them part time, and am also working on a business fitness plan for their employees.  Plus, completely unbiased, I just think they’re the best 😉

….Andolini’s pizza.  I’ve found my favorite pizza place here and this is probably the restaurant I’ve visited the most so far.  If you come visit, we will go!

Tulsa sounds like….

….the laughter of my new friends at work.  I can hear them laughing in the kitchen when I’m doing laptop work at the cafe.  Or around the dinner table.  Or during workouts when things are about to get really hard.

….the Divergent soundtrack.  Because well, let’s be honest, that’s what’s fueling my runs right now.

….quiet.  Even in the midst of downtown, there’s this peaceful quietness to Tulsa.  It gives your soul some space and peace.

….hushed conversations for making this place better.  I overhear a lot of chatter at Foolish Things – from One Million Cups meetings to other business owners coming together to make plans for supporting the city, people here care about their town and making it better.  I can’t wait to be part of that.

Tulsa looks like….

….progress.  There’s a lot of construction here.  Not anything like Austin, which is a beautiful thing but you can feel the preparations for growth and improvements.  It’s energizing.

….a backdrop to Gatsby’s era.  There are parts of downtown that if you catch correctly, give you just a view of buildings with the deco style architecture.  It’s beautiful.

….big, puffy clouds.  More than any place I’ve lived so far, I’m noticing the sky.  Clouds do funny things here.  They’re fluffy and make shapes more so than I’ve noticed before.  And when the sun is close to the horizon, the clouds light up in magnificent colors, giving that Texas sky a run for it’s money.

Tulsa smells like….

….dirt.  There’s nothing like my weekend treks on Turkey Mountain with Miley.  You smell dirt and dust on the trail, and on her for days to come after.

.fresh pastries at Foolish Things Coffee Company.  On my days in the kitchen, and even just at the bar tables on my laptop, the smell of sugar and butter and dough wafts through the coffee house.  I’m just glad that I like to run 😉

….sweat.  Yes.  But, that’s my job, and I’m so thankful to have sweaty clients!

Tulsa feels like….

….the last few rays of sun on a river run.  That moment right when the warmth of the sun changes to the feeling of shade.  Always welcome on the hot run days.  In the winter it will be the soaking up of the warmth instead of the welcome anticipation of the shadow.

….Texas.  The heat and humidity are close in comparison.  I know we’ll get winter before Austin does but until then I feel well prepped for the climate here.

….bugs in your face if you mistime your river run.  (Just bein’ honest.  But Austin had the same problem).

….helpfulness.  Everyone I’ve met, from my neighbor Wayne to my newest clients is interested in bartering or helping a girl get settled.  I’ve had fresh veggies, car washes, website development and training space offered to me.

.big hugs from old and new friends alike.  People are so welcoming, friendly and loving here.  And they give great hugs.

….home.  It does.  And one day soon I’ll be able to call it that (as soon as I can let go of the Grizzlies…).



13 thoughts on “Tulsa: One Month Later

  1. Absolutely LOVE it! Thanks so much for the shout out, and I’m so glad you also went the “senses” route. I’ve really only been to the coffee house on cherry street (which I adore) but as obsessed w/ coffee shops as I am, I should branch out. I’d be happy to swing by one morning for coffee at Foolish Things and finally meet you!

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