Meet the Athletes: Kate

Except for the fact that it’s Friday, it’s a pretty dreary day in Tulsa.  Foggy and mid-50s (temps I haven’t seen since March!) with a sort of sneezy feel to the air.  I’m spending the morning running all the necessary errands for becoming an official resident of Oklahoma – wish me luck!  (I’ll do a post later with all the boring but necessary details in hopes it’s a little easier for someone else to have all the info in one place!)

It’s time to meet more of the team 🙂

This is Kate:

Kate: Fashionista Extraordinaire

Kate: Fashionista Extraordinaire

Our journey began when I lived in Austin and she and one or two other girlfriends would come to my house for group training sessions.  She’s a leader in the workoutfit fashion industry (see above).

Goals: Kate is quickly approaching her walk down the aisle and came to me for help to feel stronger and more confident in her dress.  She wants to stay focused on her goals even though I’m not in town anymore and during all the stress of the final weeks leading up to her big day!

Kate and Jake

Kate and Jake

Timeline: Less than 2 months!

Action Plan:  When I lived in Austin we met two to three times a week doing anything from sprints on the track to boxing style workouts (to the tunes of the Disney Princesses) at my house.  I helped develop an eating plan for her to supplement her Weight Watchers membership.  We had to shift our strategy when I moved and now meet once a week via FaceTime for a weight workout.  I also check in on her daily to make sure she’s done her workout for the day.

Jess has made the transition really easy by figuring out ways to stay connected.  Whether it’s a text or a FaceTime workout or sending homework, I still feel her accountability even though she’s a state away.

Post-FaceTime Sesh

Post-FaceTime Sesh


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