Puerto Rico: The Last Full Day

On our last full day on the island, we stayed true to our commitment to have it be an active vacation and woke up early for a mixed metabolic workout on the green by our hotel.



We went with the Deck of Cards style.  I was in the mood to sprint so I made Hearts sprints, diamonds burpees, clubs plank jacks and spades pushups.  We went for an hour and didn’t make it through the whole deck (our sprints ended up being a little long – went for a total of 2.5 miles!).  Regardless, we got our activity in!

My only stipulation for the trip was that we have a day of total relaxation on the beach.  So after two days of full tourism mode, we settled in on the sand to read and play cards.  The beach was probably just under a half mile walk from our Quality Inn.

We managed to sneak in about 2 hours of sun and reading before a rainstorm made its way onto the shore.  I took a moment to revel in the cool rain water on us while we walked back toward the streets.  We paused for a deli-meat and Grey’s anatomy lunch break from the sun before setting out for our afternoon adventure.

The skies cleared enough for us to walk back to the lagoon, located to the far west of all the resorts.  We’d seen ads for stand-up paddleboarding and true to our Austin roots, decided that would be an activity at some point on the trip.  The winds were still very strong from the just passed clouds, and more were coming but we braved it anyway.

It was the toughest paddling I’ve ever done!  Much different than the calm Lake Austin.  But it was (as usual) worth it.  I saw manta rays jump out of the water and into the waves…a little concerning but motivation to stay on the board.  And the local guy who helped us out told us there was a family of manatees living in the lagoon too!  When it was time to turn around and head back to shore, the winds were strong enough that I did get blown right off the board!  Luckily I was quick enough about it to get back on before the stingray came after me ;).

Stay low for safety

Stay low for safety

Even though it was windy, the sun was still powerful and we were both parched after an hour on the water.  There was a coconut stand nearby and so “when in Puerto Rico….” We bought a coconut for some authentic coconut water!

I don’t usually like the kind that comes in those cardboard boxes in the US.  The ones that are supposedly so good for you during your workout that people drink them on their spin bikes.  Gross.  I’m a purist and stick to water but whatever floats your boat.

This coconut water was different.  It was thicker and more refreshing.  It didn’t taste like water with a little bit of coconut added, more like creamy and cool dulled down coconut.  I kind of liked it!  I imagined myself in my spin class taking the time to hop off the bike, use a machete to crack open my coconut and pause for a sip.  I guess I get why they put it in the cardboard boxes, but it’s not the same.

What an amazing final full day on the island – just a couple posts remain to finish the trip!


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