Becoming a Documented Okie

This post has very little to do with health and fitness and the most to do with getting that grown-up to-do list taken care of.  Last week marked my one month milestone in my new city of Tulsa and I figured it was time to make the leap to the proper documentation for me and my car.

I went ahead and did all the leg work and research and will now tell you of the relatively painless Oklahoma DOT policies for getting a driver’s license and tags if you’re new to the state.  (Note: If you’re an OK resident already, I have no idea what the policies for renewal are yet.  This only applies for recent transfers into the state).

WHAT YOU NEED (what I had to show)

– OK License: Primary ID (birth certificate or passport) and Secondary ID (old state’s license/student/military ID), official paper you’ll receive from the Driver’s Branch

– Tags: OK license, previous registration, OK car insurance proof


Driver’s License.

Do this first.  You’ll need the license to get you tags.  You will have to make two stops before you’ll have the license in your hand.  I know, annoying.  But, if you plan it right it’s pretty ok.  And your driver’s license stop can also be your license plate stop.

So first, you will go to 3190 W. 21st Street S.  It’s on the West side of the river and less than ten minutes from downtown.  They open at 7 AM.  I figured if I got there a little before 7, I would be the first.  Not true.  There was a line already formed at about ten til 7 when I arrived.  It wasn’t too long, but it was the first of our wintry-ish mornings, drizzly and chilly.  I stood in line and chatted with the women close to me – some testing for bus licenses and others renewing.

They open the doors promptly at 7 and let you in.  Standard BMV procedure is next – take a number.  Get the number first, then grab the sheet to fill out with all your personal info.  You will need to have one primary ID (other than your previous state’s license) like a birth certificate or passport, and a secondary ID like my Indiana license or a school/military ID.

I waited less than 30 minutes before being called up.  I did not have to show any proof of current residency in Oklahoma (I had my mortgage bill just in case), nor did I have to say when I moved to town.  They asked the standard questions – am I a felon, can I see, do I have seizures – you know, to make sure I’m a safe driver.  I also re-took the eye exam and handed over my Indiana identification (for the first time ever!).  I didn’t pay anything at this location but when we finished, received an official stamped piece of paper to take to the tag agency.

Tag Agency

Conveniently there’s a tag agency located right next door to the License Branch.  Inconveniently it opens an hour and a half after the License Branch.  Since I was through my process so quickly, I decided to go to the downtown tag location.

Located at 5th and Denver, the downtown tag agency has free parking and took care of both my license and plates.  They open at 9 am during the week and aren’t open on the weekend.  I handed over the sheet from my morning stop, signed a few more things, asked to be an organ donor and sat for my photo.  The total for this was around $35 (I’ll put more specific fees when I look them up later).

Okie Official

Okie Official

While the license was printing, I moved to a different counter to work on my plates.  I needed to show my current registration (from IN) and proof of OK car insurance, and then when it was available I presented my license.  They provided me a form to fill out to transfer my title to OK and will be in touch once that’s completed (I didn’t have my title with me).  This fee was around $130 (again, will update when I have specific amounts).

The kind lady working that morning came out with me to inspect my car – wrote down the serial number and asked for my odometer reading.  And that was that!  Now I’m officially an OKIE!

OK Plates

OK Plates

I hope this helps anyone else facing this daunting task.  It was actually quite painless and a little bit pleasant.  Those friendly Okies 🙂


2 thoughts on “Becoming a Documented Okie

  1. SO helpful! I am nearing my 1st month and before you posted this thought “…oh…I need to be all official soon!” Thanks so much for this post. I’ll revisit it soon when I go 🙂

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