Meet the Athletes: The Carpenters

I’ve talked about the Carpenters a lot on this blog.  I give them credit for moving me to Tulsa.  It sure didn’t take long for me to recruit them to the team!

Meet Katie and Justin Carpenter:


Justin and Katie on a visit to ATX

J. Carp – Justin is owner of Foolish Things Coffee Company and spends 12+ hours a day making sure it operates in the perfect way.  He promised his sister he would have a six-pack by the time she gets married in February.

Katie Carp – Katie co-owns two companies, the coffee shop and Ever Something, a beautiful event styling company.  She doesn’t have any weight to lose but wants to feel stronger and I even talked her into training for the Route 66 half marathon!

Goals:  Justin – lose weight, have a six pack, increase running speed.  Katie – gain strength, run the Route 66 half marathon, reduce knee pain.

Timeline: For life.  But a more immediate date of sister Anna’s wedding in February.

Action Plan:  Since these two put so much time and sweat into their small businesses, they don’t have a lot of time for fitness sweat.  I design workouts they can do at home or at work and keep it short and intense.

  • One private session per week each tailored to their individual goals
  • One coached run per week
  • 2 written running workouts per week
  • One group workout on the weekend

It’s been fun seeing JK (as they call themselves) bring their inner athletes back to life – Justin played football for Wheaton College and Katie was a high school basketballer with me, as well as on Wheaton’s golf team.

Sprenk does a great job of individualizing my workouts for my goals and takes the pressure off of the numbers, encouraging me to focus on other kinds of progress gains.  I like that she’s encouraging but let’s me bitch through the hard workouts


Coffeehouse workouts

Coach Sprenk is the best trainer I’ve had.  I’m seeing results really quickly and love that I get the same amount of sweat and challenge that I used to have in football.  She’s knowledgable and patiently answers all of my questions about diet and why we’re doing what we’re doing.


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