Memphis Roadtrip

I’m sitting outside on the patio of my favorite cafe in Memphis – Cafe Ecclectic.  I’ve got a naked Rachel’s Wrap in my belly, a to go coffee on the way, warm sun on my face and a fall breeze playing with my hair.  This cafe is just a block away from the place I spent my four college years – Rhodes College, and just a hop, skip and jump from my forever second home, the place that put me on this coaching path – Inside Out Gym.

Memphis has changed a lot since I left.  It seems like mostly for the better.  Overton Square is about bursting with options for dinner, patios with string lights and music on the square.  There are more options for grocery stores and the Riverfront continues to be developed.  I still need to go down to check out River Fit in person and see how I can maybe bring some of those ideas back to Tulsa’s newest river project – The Gathering Space.

I’m here to pick up a new toy for the studio at home, which I’ll reveal as soon as it makes it safely there.  And to of course see as many friends as I can, and give just as many two-armed hugs in the less than 15 hours I am here.  I’ll peek into the gym and swing by St. Jude.  I wish there was more time to stay and play in Overton Park or run all along the river but there’s just not.

The drive east from Tulsa wasn’t bad at all.  I left around 1:20 pm, hit the Broken Arrow Turnpike and then 40 East.  It was a simple and beautiful drive – filled first with the colors of Oklahoma fields and then the greens of Arkansas’s mountains.  I’m a little concerned for the trip back just because I passed miles and miles of bumper to bumper traffic on 40 W on this side of Little Rock.  It had been stopped for so long that people were out of their cars chatting with strangers on the side of the road…not looking to repeat the Little Rock traffic experience of February, even if the weather is beautiful!

I rolled into Memphis just before 7pm and was treated to the most incredible sunset.  I tried to take some pictures but of course it won’t do it justice.  I have always loved the river here, and especially at sunset.  It’s magical and romantic and southern and familiar and comfy and inspiring.  Memphis you’re a treat, and I’m so glad to be here.



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