Meet the Athletes: BenAnna

Time to introduce you to some new recruits!  Meet BenAnna – the third couple in what seems to be a trend in my Tulsa clientele.  I’ll take it – the couple that sweats together stays together 😉

Meet BenAnna (pronounced like a fancy but silly “banana”)



These kids are fast approaching their wedding (February 7) and are super motivated to not only get in shape but bring some inner-athletes back to life.

Ben: Ben used to be able to dunk a basketball.  Ben would like to do that again.  He’s also working towards looking and feeling great in that tux on his wedding day.

Anna:  This bride-to-be doesn’t have any weight to lose but wants to strengthen her arms for the big day.  Instead of setting that as a goal though, she’s decided she’d like to walk on her hands across the coffee shop where she works.

Goals:  Look and feel so great throughout the stress of wedding planning, and on the big day.  Make it to those challenging (and so interesting) fitness goals.  Anna is also very interested in the nutrition side of health (as everyone should be) and we’ll be incorporating some cooking and planning ahead into her routine.

Timeline: For life.  But quickly for February.

Action Plan:  It’s a challenge because Anna’s in school for half the week just north of Tulsa.  And when she is here, she’s working most of the days.

  • 2-3 days of at home workouts each per week
  • One “love birds” couple workout with me per week
  • One group workout per week

As time gets closer to the big day, right around the holidays, we’ll ramp up the intensity and nutrition focus.  For now we’re mostly focused on frequency and making it a routine habit.

They’re loving it:




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