I’ve started teaching a beginner’s yoga class out of Foolish Things Coffee Shop on Tuesday mornings.  Right now we meet at 7 am every Tuesday.  It’s very much a come-as-you-are (fresh out of bed), pay-what-you-can (gratitude and effort) beautiful way to start the day.

I find most of my exercise choices to be spiritual experiences.  My favorite sport – running – is very much that way.  Whether I’m out in the morning with the sunrise welcoming new opportunities for the day or in the evening as the sun sets, reflecting on the accomplishments and setbacks of the day, it’s a mindful time for me.  Yoga though, in my personal experience reigns queen as a spiritual fitness experience.

I very much believe in the practice of setting intentions.  In yoga class, other forms of exercise, and daily life  What do you want out of your efforts today?  What do you hope to accomplish with your time today?  Why are you putting energy into this?  What do you need?  I think we get so rushed and settled into routines that most of the time we aren’t intentional about our actions.

My intention this week is reassurance.  I wrote last week about the uncertainty of change.  Transition periods often lasting longer than the actual act of transformation.  I’ve had a week to meditate on the changes in physical place, mental state and consciousness and I’m ready to embrace the start of the new season.  The next step is reassurance.

To restore confidence to; to remove doubt or hesitation from; to relieve from fear

What in your life needs some confidence?  How can you work towards that?  Talk to someone.  Make a plan.  Set a budget and track your spending.  Write things down.  See the progress.

What doubts can you let go of?  How would you proceed forward if there was no fear?

How can you support yourself?  Who else can you draw on for support?  Reach out for assurance from others.  Ask for an accountability partner.

How can you support someone else?  What can you give to help reassure others?

Often times the best way to get what you need is to give it to the universe.  Give someone a big hug today.  Give someone words of confidence.  Give someone some reassurance and you may find yourself believing it too.

It’s going to be ok, I promise.


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