Meet the Athletes: Jen Larkin

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s a big weekend in my world – a fancy fundraising dinner tonight, OU/Texas fight tomorrow, Sunday is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon (and one week from my next race: San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon).

With that, here is a little bit about one of my athletes running in Chicago this weekend!

Meet Jen Larkin


Before one of Jen’s races

I first met Jen when I was living in Memphis through Inside Out Gym.  She took my spinning classes for a while and then joined me with personal training, boot camps and running groups.  I am the most proud of her dedication and relationship with running.

When I moved to Austin, Jen stayed with me and continued to train for various races (St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon, Detroit Free Press Half Marathon and shorter Memphis races) via email training with me.  She always had this distant dream of running a full someday.

I am so so excited and proud to say that her someday is THIS SUNDAY!  After helping her through several seasons of half marathons, increasing her consistency and average pace via email training, we had a heart to heart discussion and decided that if she was going to make this dream a goal and then a reality, she needed a local running group to train with.  So we cut off my services and I stayed in touch, eagerly following her training and long runs – shifting from coach mentality to cheerleader.

Good luck Jen!

Good luck Jen!

I chatted with her for a good bit on the phone last night and can’t wait to track her miles on Sunday morning.

Jen – you have worked so hard for so many years to make this dream a goal, and now a reality.  The path to here all started with the Memphis Women Run Walk program and progressed to Road Race Challenges, Half Marathons and now the big sister of them all.  You are so ready – mentally and physically – and I have no doubt that you will rock this run.  Be sure to enjoy it all, check in with your mind and your body each mile and start out slowly 🙂  Most of all have fun and remember CLEAR EYES, FULL HEART, CAN’T LOSE!



2 thoughts on “Meet the Athletes: Jen Larkin

  1. So proud of you, Jen. Chocago was my first, too! There will never be another like it. I would say enjoy it, but there may be moments you question your sanity. I did. But there will never be another like your first. I remember almost every moment!

  2. Oh Jen! This is great news. I am with you in spirit too. Recalling those early EARLY mornings running around the golf course. You inspired me then and you inspire me now! Much love.

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