Take Your Workouts Into the Digital Age

One of the hottest predicted fitness trends for 2015 is continued growth for this industry in the digital world.  Look for apps, websites, subscriptions and all kinds of online fitness resources to help you on your journey to fitness and health!  I want to share a few of my favorites with you – including a new career leap for me!

Many of you have trained with me in person, and some of you stuck with me into the digital realm as I’ve moved from Memphis to Austin and now to Tulsa.  We’ve corresponded over email and text, I’ve tracked you on Facebook and instagrams, used hashtags and check-ins via twitter to keep track of your workouts.  I like to think I’m ahead of the trends 😉

If you’re wanting to jump on the digital fitness trend – here are 5 places to start:

1. Live Streaming Fitness – personal plug here, but I wouldn’t recommend it to y’all unless I truly believed in it.  I just took a full-time Director of Trainers position with this online fitness company.  This Tulsa start up is such a cool thing – bringing fitness into the comfort of your own home or office for less than $10 per month.  There are live-streamed fitness classes of all kinds – tabata, yoga, interval training, strength training, and introductory classes.  I teach several classes each week and lead the LSF Running Corner 🙂  It’s a social platform structured like Facebook and all of our trainers interact with members on the site.  There are nutritional articles and monthly challenges filled with positivity and motivation from our trainers (and me!).  Check us out www.livestreamingfitness.com.

2.  Nike+ Running App:  I love this app for several reasons – it tracks your miles, it tracks your pace, you can listen to music, you can take photos, you can make challenges with friends also on the app, you can share your routes.  It’s user friendly and organizes my running data in ways that I like – total miles for the month, fastest run(s) of specific distances and there are famous athletes that talk to you and encourage you when you hit milestones!  The only thing I don’t like (that Nike has told me their developing) is a way to create timed intervals (RunKeeper has this functionality).  Despite lacking this feature, it is still my favorite and free in the app store!  Others to try: RunKeeper, RunMeter, MapMyRun.

3.  FitBit:  I started using the FitBit when I first injured my knee during a kickboxing class.  I wasn’t able to run but was allowed and encouraged to walk as much as I could.  This app tracks your steps and depending on the style of FitBit you choose, will track eleveation, sync with your food diary app and tell you how many total miles you’ve walked that day.  You can also sync with friends and create challenges for each other.  I found myself checking my phone to see how many steps I’d taken by lunch and would always try to beat my previous day’s high score!  Others to try:  Garmin, MisFit Flash

4. My Fitness Pal: While I am not a huge advocate of counting calories anymore, I do absolutely believe there is benefit in recording your intake of food.  It helps keep you aware and mindful of your eating, as well as providing an opportunity to notice patterns in your food consumption.  Others to try: Livestrong, MyPlate

5.  Mindfulness Daily: Fitness isn’t just about your physical body.  It’s about the health of your mind too.  This app sends reminders throughout the day to check in with how you’re feeling, take some deep breaths and pause for a moment to check back in with your self and your body.

Do you use any of these apps?  How will you be a part of the digital fitness trend for 2015?!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with fitness, running, or wellness questions.  Happy 2015!