12 Weeks

Howdy y’all!  It has been way too long since I’ve been consistent on here.  So I’m issuing myself a 12 week challenge.  I chose 12 weeks for a few reasons:  first, it’s the amount of time until my next race (details soon!) and I’ve written out a twelve week plan for it combining running, weight lifting, PiYo (recently certified) and clean eating.  Second, it’s an amount of time that will solidify a habit AND see significant changes in body and mind.  They say 30 days but I’m going for 84!

Here are some things to look forward to on the blog in the next week or two:

New York Race Recap (State 14!)


Snow World in Queens, NY

Tulsa finally started showing signs of spring-like temps so I though it’d be a good time to travel to the snowy northeast.  I bunked with a best friend from college and ran in my first snow-covered race.

Tulsa Area Boot Camps

I’ve recently been certified in PiYo and have been asked to throw together some group workouts here in Tulsa.  It’s a perfect time of year for it outside so that’s what we’ll do – stay tuned for specific dates and times!

April Clean Eating Challenge

I’ll be leading these each month from now on!  It’s a great program to help eliminate some of those trouble foods that are easy and convenient but not the best for your body.  I’ll keep track of recipes and how I’m eating to supplement my training.

State 15

I’ll be racing state 15 in 12 weeks, and an announcement as well as run recaps and workouts will be coming soon.

What are you hoping to accomplish this spring?


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