State 15 Selected!

Hello y’all!  It’s a rainy evening in Tulsa so Miley and I are just hanging out in bed planning our summer adventures.  I’d like to get a new state in so have been scouring the half marathon calendar and I think I’ve found one!  I’ve mentioned the possibility of this state to a few of you so please don’t spoil the fun if you know 😉

I want to play a guessing game – I’ll give a clue each week about the state and you continue to guess.  Again, if I’ve mentioned it to you in my excitement – keep your mouths shut!

Hint #1: I will likely drive there for a long weekend.  

Lacing up for speedwork

Lacing up for speedwork

I’m looking forward to starting official training again.  With all of the rain in Tulsa I need a target goal and a structured training plan.  I’m going to follow a 3 runs per week plan with a track run, a tempo run and a long run scattered throughout my classes at the YMCA and Live Streaming Fitness.

Run #1 will be tomorrow – a timed 2 miler to help me figure out my paces for the tempo, track and long runs of my training.

Follow my progress on the blog as I build speed again to chase down a half marathon PR in 2015!  Follow #8weeksto15 on Insta and Twitter for State 15 training progress, and #131PR2015 for progress to that fastest half mary time!


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