Vote for the June Challenge!

In order to help my small business blossom on social media, keep myself challenged in a daily fitness routine and form a new habit, I am bringing back the monthly challenge!  This time, y’all get to vote for what the challenge will be from four categories!

Vote for your favorite!

Vote for your favorite!

The winning challenge will earn a post a day from me of a task or pose or exercise move to complete in order to get stronger in that category and help you form a new habit!  So far, from Facebook and Instagram, Planks are winning :D!  Prizes and recognition to be won throughout.  Voting ends at noon (Tulsa time) on Friday and the first challenge task will be posted Monday, June 1!

Which new habit would you like to work on in June?!


4 thoughts on “Vote for the June Challenge!

  1. I think I voted by leaving a reply…not sure from my phone. Voted early morning as I’m trying to get back to it. Ran with the guys again this morning…that’s twice this week! Woo-hoo!!

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