The Mountain Castle

I stayed in my first AirBnB rental on a trip to Austin earlier this year.  Some friends have used it for trips before, and others to rent out their own places for big tourist weekends in their hometowns.  I’ve become a big fan of using this site to find places to stay on vacation.  It reminds me of searching for bed and breakfasts when I was abroad.

I was in charge of finding a place for us for our weekend nights.  This was a little challenging because of race and packet pickup logistics but I knew a few things about what I wanted

  1. A retreat-like feel.  We’d mostly be relaxing in prep for the race, or in recovery from the race.
  2. Close to the start line.  I didn’t want to spend too many hours before go time with a man who is not used to that time of day.
  3. Budget-friendly.  Money is always on the mind but I was willing to go a little more expensive for some comfort and amenities.  I LOVE that AirBnB has a feature where you can set your maximum amount and it will only show you homes available in that price range.

I hit the jackpot.  (Go ahead and click that link for some more amazing pictures!)

We called it our Mountain Castle.  It was situated right on the race route (which helped us know on the chaotic race day that the course was actually set up, traffic was flowing to the west and we could get ourselves to the start line.  Clutch.) on the side of one of the mountains.

Mountain Castle on the Hill

Mountain Castle on the Hill

I could tell on the drive up the side of the hill that it was going to be just like the listing and just the mountain retreat I wanted. We shared the property with the owners and their two adorable dogs.  Our space was the guest house and it was just the perfect size.  We were allowed access to the outside amenities like the fire pit, hot tub, porch furniture and horseshoe pit.  Every second was breathtaking and beautiful.

The cozy guest house

The cozy guest house

You can see just how cozy the guest house was but I didn’t mind at all because not much time was actually spent inside.  We were either running, grilling, sitting on the patio furniture playing games or around the fire pit with our complimentary wine.  To the east we had a view down the mountain and into the valley town below which lit up beautifully at night.  To the west we had amazing mountains, the moon and sunsets to look at.  Their 2 year old white lab Aston kept us company outside much of the time, as well as chirping hummingbirds that came to the feeders surrounding our balconies.

Once we arrived, another mega-nap time happened before we tore into leftovers for our pre-run dinner.  We’d both been taking turns driving those windy mountain roads and neither of us could stomach the idea of getting back in the car to drive the ten or fifteen minutes into the nearest town.  Not even for pizza.  So I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Then, the best pre-race routine in the history of my runs happened.  A relaxing hot tub session, watching the sun go down (totally unaware of the chaos about to unfold the next morning).

IMG_8020 IMG_7927 IMG_5028

I wish we’d had more time at this place!  I seriously considered proposing to the owners that I would live in the guest house and earn my keep through personal training, dog sitting, yard work and even house work.  Just for one more day on those grounds. The landscape around us was incredible, but the owners had done such a good job landscaping the property that it just completed the atmosphere.

Enjoy some photos below and then if you’re ever in the Morrison or Idledale area be sure to check out this place.  I know I certainly want to go back!


2 thoughts on “The Mountain Castle

    • I’ve found it to be more user-friendly that VRBO. I love the connection made with the hosts. I’ll be doing a more detailed blog on the pros and cons of it later! Gotta keep this streak alive

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