Motivation Monday: No Deadlines

Happy first Monday of August!  I’ve always loved this time of year – it’s traditionally been a time of moving (one year to Memphis, one year to Ireland, one year within Memphis, one year to Austin, one year within Austin, last year to Tulsa), a time of starting training plans for fall races, a time of celebrating my birthday (!!), going back to school, and perhaps, if I’m lucky, a slight dip in average temperatures by that last week.

This year I’m stuck.  I’m not moving (thankfully actually).  I’m unlikely coaching a running group this year so am thinking of going for a PR at the Route 66 Run.  That’s 16 weeks away.  I’ve also been toying with the idea of 12 weeks of big lifting at the gym to get some muscles back.  Or maybe 12 weeks of straight PiYo.  Who knows?

I do know one thing – for me, and I think people in general, it’s important to have a timeline and some kind of goal.  Otherwise your workouts and daily decisions have no direction.

Do I have a goal, or do I want to sleep until 10am?  That answer is simple with no driving force.  It’s a little less simple, but still obvious.

So, I’ll use this week to figure out where I’m headed in the fall, and to play around with some of the workouts I’d like to try in the fall as well.  I did get up and do a 45 minute run this morning to keep the blood flowing!

What are you working on this fall?


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