Tulsa Tuesdays

One year ago this week I had moved everything into my house in Tulsa and was spending my last week in Austin as a guest in a friend’s home.  August 9th will mark one full year in Tulsa already – time is just whooshing by.

Even before I moved I’d found my favorites after several trips visiting:

  • Pizza: Andolini’s
  • Park: Guthrie Green
  • Hike: Turkey Mountain
  • Coffee: Foolish Things

But I’m thinking it’s time to bust out of the routine rut and try exploring some new places.  I did this in Memphis and Austin as I was on my way out, and while I have no plans to leave Tulsa, I do want to explore its people, places and things to do a little more than I have been.

Introducing………..Tulsa Tuesdays (can’t help it with the alliteration).  Each week I’ll write about a new Tulsa event, place, restaurant or business I explore sometime the week before.  This week I’ve got nothin’ for ya except to tell you about the new plan!  Here’s to exploring new things in your town 🙂

Exploring T-Town

Exploring T-Town


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