Minnesota (2/3): Wedding Dress Shopping

But not for me!  I am nowhere close to being in a place where I want to be married, or even if I did, that I would want people to stare at me while I walk down an aisle and pour my heart out to my sweetheart.  Nope, just can’t picture it.  So I gave fair warning to Mama that she better enjoy this day shopping for my soon to be sister Shelby.

We started the day with a shakeout run in the chilly (to me anyway) Minneapolis morning.  Shelby lead us over one of the famous bridges downtown towards a cute little historic Main Street part of the neighborhood.

It was’t a long run – just two miles to keep the blood flowing for Sunday’s race.  After a shower and waking up the non-runners of the family, we all united for a damn good breakfast at the Hen House Then, the girls and guys split up and we set off for some wedding dress fittings!

This is my first round of family weddings and I’m super excited for Shelby and Nathan to finally take the pressure off me for a wedding….I mean, to finally do what we’ve all seen coming for years and tie the knot.  Mama and I enjoyed watching Shelby try on various styles of wedding dresses at two different boutiques.  I have no idea how anyone ever settles for one but there were plenty of HIDEOUS gowns.  Pink ombre, anyone?  Never.

I was not allowed to try any on (still chasing that dream of being a wedding dress model) BUT I did slip on a veil for a quick minute.

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After making no major decisions or purchases (besides knowing that ombre pink is not the one), we headed off to the smallest packet pickup I’ve ever been to.  And for snacks.  I was one HANGRY chick after that :).  An apple and some almond butter fixed that pretty quickly though.  Shelby and Nathan walked us down to the spot where the race would take place – one of the lakes.

It was here that I realized how much I miss water sports.  We were always on the lake in Austin – paddle boarding, running around it, swimming in the springs.  And although Tulsa has a river here, no one gets in it.  I do miss being on the water.

For dinner, we re-visited the little Main Street we had run to earlier that evening.  I happily devoured a flatbread pizza while we watched all sorts of people with all sorts of dogs mill about.  Minneapolis is a happenin’ little place with a great vibe.  Time to rest up for race day in the morning!