2016 at a Glance

Normally I would have written this before the first half of the first month of 2016 was gone.  But I didn’t, and that’s part of my thing.  I’m definitely not a perfect blogger.  Or runner. Or eater.  Sometimes I get behind.  Sometimes I skip runs.  Sometimes I eat cookie dough in excess.  But then I always come back to what I know is “right”.

When I talk about being right, I mean right for me.  I love to write and blog and share my stories and make living healthy easy and fun for all of you.  So, to feed that love it would be right for me to write.  But sometimes life is just busy.  And other more important things take front and center.  Finances.  Relationships.  New Business Ventures.  Holidays.  As those things settle down and I reflect, I know I want to have a blog, just for the purpose of sitting down with the intention to tell stories.  It’s not wrong to take a break.  I’m not failing by skipping a run (or two or three).  And I won’t be damned to hell for eating a whole sheet of Tollhouse Cookie Dough.  But I know those things aren’t right for my bigger purpose in life.  So I have to leave them alone sometimes.  And I’m generally very happy to return to my norm.

So here I am, ready to tell you about how I want 2016 to go.

Racing the States

I am still very committed to running a half marathon in every state.  Last year I added New York, Colorado and Minnesota to my map.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.24.34 PM

I’d like to get to three more and already have 2 booked in the early spring!


(Spoiler alert).  I never got my half marathon PR (many of you know that because you know me.  But those who just follow along here, that Route 66 story is coming soon).  I would like to continue to work on my speed starting with the 5k distance.  If a half PR comes my way because of it, I’ll certainly take it.  But I’m going to experiment with fast training for 5ks and race one a month to see my time hopefully go down and down.IMG_9474

The first 5k is tomorrow!  I’ll be running in the Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long series.  Obviously choosing the Go Short 5k distance.  I’m excited to have some time and focus this year on more local Tulsa races since many are still new to me.

Yoga Training

I’m very excited to have invested in an RYT 200 hour yoga teacher training course this year in Tulsa.  We meet one weekend a month for 10 months with a goal of being a Registered Yoga Instructor by the end of it.  I am thrilled to be learning the history, anatomy, proper alignment and breathing techniques of all kinds of yoga for my personal use.  I’m even more excited that I can incorporate it into training packages for clients – another big gun in the arsenal.


Studio Opening

I’m going to stay fairly hush about this because it deserves its own BIG post.  But 2016 is looking to be a very promising year for owning studio in downtown Tulsa.


I can’t believe all the excitement and joy that 2016 promises to bring.  When I reflect on the past two years, I see a direct trail leading up to completely enjoying this year.  2014 was my transition out of Austin and really the start of me making some leap-of-faith-decisions that felt right to my heart and the life I wanted to create.  Moving to Tulsa made no sense but it felt so right.  Continuing to work three and four different part time jobs to make room for personal training and stay committed to my true calling of teaching isn’t always easy or comfortable but it’s worth it.  I’m feeling grateful for love and support and guidance from people near and far – let’s make this the best year yet!




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