Thirty Thursdays

In my weekly schedule, Thursdays are track days.  I have some time between my early classes and my lunch classes to get a good string of outdoor miles in.  I’m pretty amazed that today I actually managed to get any miles in.  I wanted to get a studio blog post written before I ran out the door.  So I sat in bed working on it typing up a story of how I got bribed into running over ten years ago.  Searching and placing photos at just the right increments with perfectly thought out captions.  Just as I was hitting save on this pretty creative and wonderful blog, I lost it.  A quick prayer that the little draft I saw in the queue of posts was answered with a “no”.  I let out an exasperated sigh, did some deep yoga breathing and then decided to quickly re-write it with the pertinent info I was trying to get across rather than try to rewrite the actual story I had told with it (I’ll have to tell it again another day).


The one-glove, borrowed-watch, too-early-in-the-year-for-excuses look.

The determination within to run was still strong.  I drove to the studio so I could just finish up there before teaching my lunchtime class, bag packed with changes of clothes and all my cold weather gear (in the mid-20s!).  Except one glove.  And my watch.  So I borrowed Michelle’s and tucked one hand into my coat sleeve.  At this point I had run out of time to get my assigned miles in but I figured some miles are better than no miles.  My assignment was 1 mile easy, 2 miles hard, 1 mile easy, 2 miles hard and 1 cool down mile.  I figured I had time for 1 easy, 2 hard, 1 cooldown.


Guess where the hill is.

The watch didn’t find the satellite until probably a half mile in so I probably really warmed up for a mile and a half.  I made a goal for myself to hit the two fast miles in under 8 minutes each.  I was on pace until I hit the pedestrian bridge across the river and lost the satellites.  By now I was wondering at what point I would hit hospital hill.  Would I have to be running fast up it, or would I be on my cooldown?  Luckily, especially since I was headed into a pretty strong wind, I was on my rest.  So, I don’t know what my actual distance or time was but I do have some mile splits.  Even though one was a little skewed by the pedestrian bridge.  I still got out there, and even in the 20s, it wasn’t horrible!


Really loving having a journal just for training for the first time ever.

Thursdays are also going to be Thirty Thursdays here on the blog.  2017 is the year of 30 for me and a while back I mentioned the 30 before 30 list I put together.  As I was making it, I wanted to include some adventures, acquire some new skills, of course travel and stay dedicated to my fitness goals.  I think the list covers a nice spectrum of mind, body, spirit, career, home and adventure.  Of course, with 30 items there’s a lot of room to cover those things.  I’ve checked a few things off since posting that list and each week I’ll pick one topic to share here.  This week all you get is the announcement of that new schedule because of the day it’s been.  And hey, I’m just glad I got that run in and got a post up two days in a row!


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