Tahoe PiYo

This post is coming to you from my spot bundled up in a blanket, on a couch, in front of a crackling fireplace, surrounded by family and with a view of the Heavenly tram out the window.  I’m in Tahoe for the weekend on a family ski trip!

Last summer, Chap and I came out here to meet my brother and his wife for a summer lake trip.  We decided then it’d be a good excuse to get everyone together again to come back for a ski trip, and here we are.   I’ll designate a special post to the trip next week, but today I just wanted to check in for the purpose of staying on track with posting and updating the race training progress.

Almost every time I travel there are more workout clothes than actual clothes in my bag and this time the only exception are all of the layers of skiing apparel.  I normally pack with every intention to have an active vacation – running, doing some circuits and practicing yoga.  It used to be because I had a fear of gaining an ounce just because I was traveling.  Now, it’s because I love keeping my body moving, especially when like-minded people are around.  I knew Shelby and my dad would want to run, and I can rope Shelby into almost any other kind of activity.

We spent several hours yesterday skiing Heavenly resort, which I will fully count as a leg day.  Lugging those ski boots around is no joke, and neither is staying on both feet down a mountain covered in snow.  Today was rainy, windy and very difficult to see.  As a new skier, I’m not into that and only managed a morning on the slopes.  I packed some PiYo DVDs to spice up the workouts a bit and Shelby and I did one on the living room floor.  We had plenty of space but I don’t recommend working out anywhere there is a fire going.

I have no pictures, not much content and still working the rust away but wanted to get a post up, especially since I missed yesterday.  Some ideas are starting to come to me but nothing worth really writing about yet.  What would you want to know about?


2 thoughts on “Tahoe PiYo

  1. I want to know how it feels and what your days look like running your own little kingdom. I’m so proud of you. You did what you set out to do.

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