Organized House: The Laundry Room

Last week I mentioned one of my big focuses for 2017 was organizing my home, mostly through having less stuff around.  I resolved to not purchase any new clothes this entire year (save a few exceptions) and to work on one room/area of the house each week.  Last week I tackled the master closet – and this week I hit the laundry room.  I’m following a podcast called Organize 365 and picking out the rooms that apply to me from her “40 days, one whole house” organization series.

The master closet was a daunting task, and I’m proud to say after one week it is still organized.  Next in her progression is the laundry room.  She claims that she can tell how organized a house is based on its laundry room, and well, based on mine she’s probably right.


Holding space for everything

Since I had just completed the master closet, this task seemed a little less daunting.  It helps that my laundry room is fairly small.  I love my built in cabinets and shelving but it was so cluttered with things that didn’t belong anywhere in the house, I could hardly use it.

The first task was to decide what else besides laundry would I want to use my laundry room for?

  • Miley – she goes in and out this back door multiple times a day.  I decided to keep her food, leash, doggie bags and medicine here.
  • Cleaning – not only do I want to keep clothes clean in this room, but it makes sense to me and my house to keep the mop bucket and a few other household cleaning items like dust towels, vinegar and extra sponges (especially since it’s adjacent to the kitchen)
  • Extra supplies – it also makes sense to me to keep other extra supplies for the house in here.  I’ve got the room for them and it’s better for me than going down into the dark, damp basement.  I keep extra paper towels, trash bags, my very small toolkit, lightbulbs and bug spray.

This mess makes doing laundry extra stressful

I wanted the countertops to be clear except for laundry supplies.  I made an exception for detergent etc, because I didn’t want to have to be getting into the cabinet for every load of laundry.


Good luck mama.

The first task, much like the closet, was to just clear everything out of the space.  Next, I started to sort out what kinds of things I use, what kinds of things truly might be useful to me in the future.  Everything else was trash.  If I didn’t know what it was, I wasn’t going to take the time to figure it out.

There was a lot of trash.  I’m learning how to not feel guilty about having trash to toss out.  It’s better cleared out of the way than weighing me down as I try to do household tasks.

When the counters and shelves were cleared, I cleaned each with a rag and vinegar, after vacuuming some accumulated dirt and cobwebs away.


Much better!

The shelves on the wall are specifically for commonly used outdoor items like bug spray, Miley’s leash, grill supplies and a picnic blanket.  It looks so much calmer!


Already feeling less stressed when I do future loads of laundry


Way to go mama!

No more storing things on top of the dryer.  If I’m doing a quick clean of the house, everything in the laundry room now has a place.  All the extra house supplies and cleaning supplies go in the cabinets.  Laundry supplies are out, and the outdoor supplies are in the shelves.  If I somehow acquire something that doesn’t have a home, I’ll make one for it.

Is it true?  Does your laundry room dictate the organization level of the rest of your house?  (The rest of my house now has some catching up to do!)

Next week: The front hall closet.

3 thoughts on “Organized House: The Laundry Room

    • Oh I don’t even want to go into my basement! I like the ground level tasks. But, just set aside a weekend and do it, if you think it’ll make you feel better. If not, put it off as long as you can !

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