Organized House: Front Hall Closet

This morning, I got up and did my workout at home before heading the the studio for the first class!  The ritual is working so far, plus I was just super excited about starting the New Year Fit Camp at StudiOne today.  I need to find ways to have this kind of enthusiasm for every regular day of life.

Y’all I’m pretty proud I’ve made it three weeks in a row of sticking to this organizing the house plan.  And I’m also proud to report that the master closet and the laundry room are still looking neat and tidy and perhaps even more impressively, I haven’t purchased any items of clothing in 2017.  I do have some points expiring at the end of this month so I foresee a purchase, within point limits, in the next week or so.

This week my organizational task was conquering the front hall closet.  I really only have one “house closet”, that’s to say a closet not in a bedroom.  With limited storage space outside of the bedroom, I had some specific objectives for this space.

  • Coats and winter gear
  • The vacuum
  • The carryon suitcase

I stuck to the same plan as the laundry and master closet by taking everything out of the closet first, and then deciding if it was worth putting back in OR sorting into trash and sale piles.  (I’ve decided while I don’t have anyone in that front room, that it’ll be a holding room for an early spring yard sale).


Everything out first

Coats and winter gear already fit into this closet so it was easy to put them back in in an orderly fashion.  The vacuum and carryon suitcase haven’t fit before and just occupied space in the very narrow hallway.  I don’t like it.  I had piles of old and mismatched Christmas decorations, random sheets of tissue paper and a variety of gift bags (a poor attempt at storing wrapping supplies).  Most of that got trashed.  I hate it, especially the part where I might be able to use it in the future, but better out than in at this point.

This one was a quick project I finished in one evening.  The carryon and vacuum found homes, as well as my big duffel of race shirts ;).  I also had a plastic storage bin that wasn’t really being used so I saved the most practical wrapping supplies and put them all in there.

The best part though, and something I appreciate about younger me, was coming across an old photo box that had prints from high school and college, notes from all kinds of occasions from my parents, roommates and friends.  And my Ireland travel journal that I knew was saved somewhere.  I love saving love notes of all kinds, and even though I’m sure I’m not supposed to keep them (clutter you know), my heart is always so happy when I find them.  So that box stayed.


Vacuum and suitcase fit now!

I’m feeling good about this focus for the year!  Next week the podcast is about kitchen counters…..seems easy enough!



4 thoughts on “Organized House: Front Hall Closet

  1. Next time you’re home here….may be a thing or two you’ll want to go through?? Great progress! I’ve got some of that get-cleaned out bug, but not at the same level as you yet! You go girl!! (I did get all the Christmas decorations rounded up and down and to the basement already! Including the Santa mugs! Better than last year!!)

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