Workout of the Week: Fit Camp

In all of my house tidy-ing efforts, I came across (or brought all together really) pages and pages of old workout routines.  I’ve been teaching for over six years now and have stacks upon stacks of magazine workouts and original workouts.   Themed class plans like Bosu, TRX and Spinning.  Core classes and yoga flows.  I’m not sure why I saved them all, and still not really sure what to do with them all either.

It’s like an antiquated (and nightmarish) Pinterest system.

After giving it some thought for a few weeks, I decided I’d like to film each workout at the studio and save it.  Maybe I’ll hyper lapse it.  Maybe I’ll just demo the moves and write the workout in text.  How cool would it be to have an archive of all of these workouts?  And I plan to share one per week right here.  Y’all are about to slowly get a library of different kinds of workouts for FREE!  You can thank me later (once I’ve followed through).

Today’s workout is a very recent creation of mine.  We just started another Fit Camp at StudiOne and this is an example of one of the circuits from the first week of the workout.  Fit Camp workouts are a combination of strength training and fat burning intensity levels.  They’re tough as nails but so worth it.  Give this one a try:

12 3-pulse weighted squats

12 push ups

12 step ups per leg

12 plank jacks

Set a timer for 8 minutes and complete those 4 moves as many times as you can in that timespan!  The Fit Camp workouts have 2 additional circuits included in them.

Here is a link to an instructional video of each move!  To see more of that fabulous(ly awkward) footage, you can sign up for an at home version of either the 8-week or 12-week plan.  Just leave a comment!





5 thoughts on “Workout of the Week: Fit Camp

  1. Hey! At least all of those years of workouts don’t take up nearly the same clutter space as clothes and other accumulated articles!! Have fun going through and doing them all!! 💪

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