Podcast Picks

I loved the feedback and conversation that started from last week’s podcast picks so I wanted to share again what I’ve listened to this week, and open up the comments for suggestions moving on.  Luckily, my runs are short enough again that I can listen to music pretty much the whole time.  I’ve been listening still as I walk Miley, take baths or drive.


  1. Happier: Episode 120, Listener Questions about the Four Tendencies.  I have not read either of Gretchen Rubin’s books (The Happiness Project or The Four Tendencies) but listening to her podcast certainly piques my interest.  This was the first episode I’ve listened to in this series and I really liked it.  She outlines the four tendencies that people usually are: Obliger, Questioner, Rebel or Upholder and reviews what characterizes each.  As a psych major, it’s always interesting to me to group people into different personalities and views of the world.  This was a new one for me and I’ve caught myself examining my responses to things and trying to figure out which category I fall into.  I’ve seen some rebel tendencies and upholder tendencies.MarathonTrainingAcademy
  2. Marathon Training Academy:  Olympic Marathoner Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky on Nourishment for Athletes  I listened to this one at the tail end of my long run turned walk on Sunday.  I already have and love their cookbook – Run Fast, Eat Slow so am familiar with their approach to eating.  It’s pretty radical for the still very old fashioned and traditional running world.  Their approach involves whole foods, full fat versions of foods, and not counting any calories.  I’m seeing this become a more normal approach recently, but the running world is pretty behind it.  I highly recommend their cookbook, and it was really wonderful to hear them share stories of life on a college team together, training in the alps and staying friends across those changes. tile-dear-sugar-1-1000x1000
  3. Dear Sugar: The Infidelity Episodes, Part 4: The Other Woman  Oh man, y’all.  This whole series had me feeling some kind of way.  I love this podcast for a few reasons: 1. Cheryl Strayed.  Love her, love her books, love her approach 2. The nonjudgmental approach Cheryl and her co-host take to all sorts of situations that everyone would probably judge.  It’s soothing.  This series covers the three points of a trianglular love affair, and one episode with the famous psychologist Esther Perel.  I’d been saving this final episode for a while but finally clicked play last night for my epsom soak entertainment.

What did you listen to this week?

One thought on “Podcast Picks

  1. Just getting to your blog! I’m loving that How I Built This podcast you recommended and one called Out There. I just listened to this week’s Out There about Fear and Loving. You’d love it. It’s about a group of friends who met on a long distance bike ride and a tragedy they all suffer together. It’s a powerful look about the bonding that occurs with athletes.

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