Hello, my name is Sprenkel.

I am a Tulsa transplant of four years.  I came here to open a fitness studio; a dream that came true a little over two years ago with my friend and business partner Teresa Moyer.  We believe yoga, fitness, running and nutrition should all be available under one membership.

The heart of StudiOne encourages life-altering, dream-capturing change for our members.  Over our two years in business, I haven't been spared these effects either.  Last year, with the encouragement of our community, I trained to qualify for the Boston Marathon - something I never thought I'd be crazy/good enough to do.  I missed my qualifying time by 4 minutes.

I am embarking again on the great adventure of marathon training,  returning to the Jack and Jill Trail in Snoqualmie, WA, determined to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  This blog will serve as a personal journal for me to keep track of my routine, one that mirrors a lot our philosophy at the studio.  Yoga, strength training, and good nutrition habits all contribute to a smart running program.  I believe in a little bit of each sprinkled in throughout the week.  

I hope the stories here of triumphantly completed pace runs, and days I dread logging 2+ hours in the stifling OK heat inspire, motivate or move you in some way to move your body a little bit everyday.  Thanks for coming along!