Meet The Coach

Hey y’all!  I’m Jessica, running and fitness coach.  Some of you may have followed me over here from RUNMEM, the blog I started as a runner in Memphis.


Things are a little different here.  First, I’ve been to Austin and received my master’s degree from the University of Texas.  The gloriously warm, active and music-filled capital of Texas.  Now I’m settling with my four-legged assistant coach Miley in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Second, this blog is now more of a personally professional account of a lifestyle built around running.  I will still tell tales of my races through the 50 states and mishaps in the kitchen but I will also include more informational and scholarly work about exercise and nutrition (I did get that extra degree after all).

If you visit often, I hope to inspire you to try something you never have.  Or to share a laugh over a running mishap (anyone else tend to trip on the trails?!).  Or to motivate you through Motivational Monday posts.  If you poke around enough and decide you’re interested in hiring me to help you accomplish your fitness and running goals, don’t hesitate to contact me!  Whatever your goal – weight loss, pain reduction, beginning running, faster running, distance running, general fitness and wellness – I can tailor a plan unique to you, and to your sport that fits your goals, your lifestyle and your interests.

Lacing up for speedwork

Lacing up for speedwork

If you’re not in Tulsa, don’t worry!  I specialize in long-distance training via email and text.  If you have questions about that service, please let me know!

My Memphis Runners

My Memphis Runners

It’s a pleasure to meet you,

Coach Sprenkel


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