Thirty Thursdays: Red Rocks Concert (and Eric Church)!

When Chap and I went to Colorado for the first time (my first time ever) in 2015, I was completely mesmerized by the landscape.  We hiked Rocky Mountain National Park, White water rafted, ran a half marathon and climbed all over the Red Rocks.  As we were driving back to Tulsa, in between my sobs, I decided I wanted to see a concert at the Red Rocks.  And what a great thing to have on a bucket list.

Eric Church comes into this because he’s long been on my list of concerts to see.  I was supposed to see him in graduate school, had my tickets and everything but it was right as I was gearing up to move and I just couldn’t swing it.


Light packers?!

When I saw that he was playing at the Red Rocks, it was such an easy decision to jump into.  And lucky for me, Chap is fairly easy to convince to go to Colorado – even for country concerts.  This time around we’d planned to camp (also on my bucket list), hike and end the trip with the concert.  I’ll have to write about the camping and hiking later, maybe next week.  But after a few days of some crazy weather and being one with nature, we crashed at our favorite Air Bnb, the same mountain castle we stayed in last time.  Unfortunately it’s a little out of our price range now so it’s our last time there.

We were so tired.  We’d been driving for a while, after spending the past two days hiking our way to Crater Lake and spending the night in a tent somewhere along that trail.  My sleep was pretty fitful that night because of discomfort, cold and a tiny fear of bears.  So, as soon as we got to our castle, we showered and passed out hard.  I woke up a little bit before Chap, to read about the parking and drinking protocols for the Red Rocks Amphitheater.  And I about leapt off the bed with excitement when I saw that my fave little songwriter Maren Morris was opening for Mr. Church.  I’m not ashamed to say I was legitimately more excited to see her than Eric (sorry, man).

The wait to get into the venue wasn’t too bad.  It rained on us a little but we had drinks and the company of the Church Choir (what Eric calls his fans) and it’s good company y’all.  Funny, good country company.  Seating was pretty open so we picked a seat in the middle and waited for Maren.  The views while we waited were amazing.  Storms performed an intense show as a back ground to the stage and the night air was perfect.


I loved both shows, the venue and my company!  It ranks high up there with my favorite concerts.  Eric is amazing, and I’ve seen him again in Tulsa since – if you like his music, I highly recommend seeing him live.  Maren is a little powerhouse vocalist and I love that she writes her own music.  I will always try to see her live if she’s close (or hell, I’ll go back to the Red Rocks to see her!)  Her lyrics just speak to my little soul.

This is a little side note for those of you still with us.  Maren and her band were on our flight back to Tulsa the next morning.  I realized it too late and didn’t get to sit in the empty seat next to her, but Chap did!  And he didn’t even get an autographed napkin for me or anything.  I didn’t talk to her while we waited for our bags because I never know what to do with famous people.  This is not the first time I’ve been with some low-key (not high-key like Tom Hanks you know?) celebrity and not known what to do.  What would you have said?

Have you been to the Red Rocks?  Who did you see?


A Denver Date Night

Happy Monday y’all 🙂  Here is the next installment of the Colorado Diaries.  Be sure you catch the Revel Rockies Recap, The Rocky Mountain Adventure and the White Water Raft stories.

After our day of teeth-chattering rapid adventures, we (I) decided a night in the city (Denver) would be fun.  He said: “A city is a city,” and I said, “Well I want to spend a night in it.”  So it was decided.

Here’s a glimpse at how parts of our vacation rolled – we booked our dinner reservation and our hotel on our way into the city that afternoon.  The rafting ended around 3pm and we got to Denver close to 5.  We Pricelined a hotel downtown and Grouponed our dinner.

Denver, CO.

Denver, CO.

Luckily our reservations were later in the evening so my tired self had time to take a nap.  The combination of not sleeping much, hiking all day, exhausting my body through shivering and teeth chattering, plus less oxygen had me feeling extra tired.  I’m a great napper under normal conditions so imagine that on steroids.

Denver is a beautiful city with an even better backdrop of the mountains.  I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures of it to share with you.  The Groupon that we found for dinner was for a fancy place called The Broker.  Normally I would not have expected us to go to such a place, even for a vacation and celebratory date night rolled into one.  But since we got it for more than 50% off thanks to the Groupon, I agreed.

As a girl who is almost always in spandex and sweats, I do love getting the chance to dress up.  Especially for someone who appreciates it.  I took some time to straighten my hair, put on a little makeup and one of my favorite blue dresses that’s only been worn a time or two before.

Our Fancy Dinner Date

Our Fancy Dinner Date

The Broker is located in the basement of a bank.  We got to sit in the old vault downstairs in a booth where customers could look through their safety deposit boxes.  The character of the restaurant was incredible and the details were authentic.

The entrance to the vault

The entrance to the vault


The hostess sat us in our own private booth and we started to look over the menu.  While we waited for service, I was thinking of the stories I would tell y’all on the blog when I returned and that I wanted to use this race as the big re-entry into the blogging and writing habit.  The stories for the hike and white water rafting started to form, as well as a date night tale.  We hadn’t been sitting for more than five minutes before I demanded we go back upstairs for a photo outside the restaurant.  My date happily obliged, so easily settling in to willing participant with this new character of mine (since we’ve been dating I’d only written maybe seven times.  That’s a once a month average).


We found the fanciest doors to snap an “ussie” in front of.  Then hustled back downstairs to our table.  Part of the deal with the discount was that we had to order from a limited menu.  I wasn’t disappointed by our choices at all.  Wine, an appetizer, soup or salad, a main course and dessert were included.  Plus a surprise handful of Andes mints at the end.

The food was good but the atmosphere and company were better.  We played it smart and each ordered something different than the other so we could taste the most things.  Unfortunately by the time my best-tasting dish arrived (the main course), I was already full.  Still, I managed to have some tastes, and then to squeeze in some all of bread pudding.  The Groupon also allowed for adding items on to the package deal so we added some lobster mac and cheese in anticipation of the half marathon on Sunday.

Side dish rant:  I have heard girls complain about guys using Groupons on date nights.  “He’s so cheap, am I not worth the full price?”  WHAT?!  I just don’t get that.  In our time dating, Groupon has sponsored more than one fantastic date night!  I think it shows an economically sound side of your partner and there are a lot of fun activities on Groupon.  We’ve taken dancing lessons, eaten Korean food, and had entire nights built around deals.  There’s plenty of Groupon fun coming up too – floating in OK, a Zombie-escape experience and plenty of food!  Get over yourselves girls and enjoy the time spent with your beau.