My Summer Long Run Uniform

I made a pledge at the start of the year to not purchase any items of clothing for all of 2017 (with a few exceptions).  At this point in the game, I hadn’t signed up to run a marathon yet, so I made a few more exceptions once I was enlisted in this endeavor and had miles of training in front of me.  I wore two particular articles of clothing for every long run and during the race.  They were perfect and I have no complaints about either item of clothing.  Since I loved them so much, I want to tell you about each piece.  I will definitely be buying a second pair of each once my purchasing ban is lifted and I start summer training again next year.

The Perfect Running Bra

It does exist and it is made by Lululemon.  I have squeezed myself into sports bra after sports bra but this is the one y’all: The Enlite Bra.


Summer long run uniform

I’m lucky in that I don’t have to contend too much with my girls and their bounce or weight when I run.  And I’d honestly never really thought twice about a good sports bra, until I wore this one.   It made the days I wore other sports bras seem restrictive and uncomfortable.


Full coverage on the front and no bouncing!

I love the Enlite because it has individual cups for each gal.  Turns out I don’t really love having them smooshed into a uni-boob.  I also love that it hooks in the back in addition to the usual elasticity of sports clothing because that helped eliminate some of the bounce that happens when running (again, I don’t have much to contend with here, but I did notice).  The criss-crossed straps in the back also helped me feel tucked in and tight.  The best part though was probably the fabric.  It is SO soft.  And there’s something magical about it that doesn’t collect sweat (and man were there some sweaty days in July gearing up for that race).  I remember wearing a different bra on a humid night run of way less than half the distance of some of those morning long runs and I had to wring it out it got so soaked in sweat.  I never had to wring out the Enlite, because of the magic fabric.


Enlite Bra + mid thigh tights = perfect running combo

The Perfect Running Bottoms

When I first started running, I wasn’t too picky about the kind of clothing I had on.  I didn’t know any better.  It only took one run over 5 miles to learn that shorts are not a good option for my legs for that many miles.  No thigh gap there.  So for years, I’ve run in mid-length tights all through the summer months for runs over 5 miles.  When the temps started to climb in Oklahoma on this marathon training cycle, I knew I needed a different plan.


I spy a phone tucked into a side pocket

I bought my favorite pair of running bottoms to date.  They are the mid-thigh tight shorts that remind me of biker shorts.  They’re amazing for a few reasons:

  1. They are way cooler (as in temps) than tights just a few inches longer.
  2. They are way more comfortable than traditional shorts and I can wear them for miles and miles without a concern of chafing.

I’ve written about my love for side pockets before but I’ll reiterate again.  As a digital runner who uses her phone for music, run tracking and instagramming on the run, side pockets changed the game for me.  There is less sweat there than at the normal small-of-the-back pocket and the bounce from the large device is minimal when it’s snug against your leg.  There’s also plenty of room for hours of snacks and mid-run essentials like salt tablets and Aleve.  I’ll never buy pants or shorts intended for running without side pockets again.  Ever.

Unfortunately this version of the shorts is no longer in production but I’ll let you know when something similar is available for purchase.   I’ll definitely be buying another pair when they come back around!




Sprenk’s Favorite Things: Side Pockets

How did Friday get here again already?  How is it almost February?  Sometimes I laugh that after 30 years of dealing with the passing of time, I still get caught up in how fast it always seems to go.  Friday means I get to share a favorite thing with you!

Every so often there’s an innovation to something standard that is so brilliantly simple, you wonder why the hell it took so long for it to catch on.  The main development I’m sharing today is the SIDE POCKET.

Pockets on workout pants have evolved over the years.  Some were just big enough for keys, some on the front elastic band with no zipper, some on the back sacrum area with a zipper (painful for crunch work, and damaging to your phone), eventually they grew bigger to hold music devices and phones, and then finally, someone thought to put a big pocket on the side of the upper leg.

My first pair of pants with this perk were hot pink All the Right Places crop from Lululemon.  I bought them because they were pink, and realized later on my first run in them that this pocket was gold.

This year, my favorite tights for doing circuit workouts in also have a side pocket.  It’s great because I’m working out by myself most of the time and want to have headphones in.  Since I do floor work, I don’t want to smash my phone in my back pocket so I slip it into the side pocket of these tights.  These Tight Stuff tights deserve their own favorite things day I love them so much.

Finally, when I run now, I mostly always choose my full length leggings because they’re the only real cold weather running tights I have with this feature.  Before I owned pants with a lateral pocket, I would just carry my phone in my hand (to avoid the sweaty back pocket).  I never realized how burdensome that is!  It’s so freeing to stick it in that leg pocket and still have the headphones be long enough to reach my ears.

Besides being handy for my phone on runs and during workouts, they’re also at the perfect location for me to just walk around with my hands in my pockets – a joy I didn’t even know existed!

It’s hard now for me to buy pants without this side pocket functionality.  Yoga specific pants would be ok, since I’m not usually needing to carry a phone with me for those, but otherwise, from now on running and studio pants will be filtered by the option of the side pocket or not.

Do you love the side pocket?   How do you do music during your runs and workouts?

Sprenk’s Favorite Things: Passion Planner

Happy Friday friends!  Or at least I’m determined to make it happy despite the overwhelming gray in the air.  We can’t be gloomy about this friends, we gotta take action.  Act with love.  Speak with kindness.  There’s far more of our team, and I believe (perhaps foolishly, but still), we can work from the bottom up.

I woke up totally beat this morning.  The running and weight training are catching up to me in a good way.  I stumbled out of bed and dragged my booty to yoga anyway, and was so thankful I did.  I’m supposed to do a circuit today but decided to save it for tomorrow when my legs are feeling lighter again.

I can’t wait to share one of my favorite things with y’all today.  Kind of like Oprah and Ellen sharing theirs around Christmas except I think mine are more practical, affordable and unfortunately I won’t be giving any away (not yet anyway).


Passion Planner

This week I’m loving on the Passion Planner.  I know that most of the world has graduated to scheduling everything on their phones or iCals or Google Calendars but I need to see it on paper.  I need a month view and a day view.  I need things broken into hour segments.  I need white paper and brightly colored markers.

Here are my 3 favorite things that set this planner apart for me:

  • Mind maps – although I have yet to fill one out for this year, the planner encourages breaking down big goals for the year into smaller categories.  This fits right in line with my goal setting process anyway.  Fitness is divided into running, fitness and yoga.  The Studio is broken down into membership, classes and programs.  My house is broken down by organize, finish and fix.  Then you assign tasks and deadlines to each of these to help you reach your goals!
  • Hourly time slots – I’ve gotta have these.  This helps prevent me from double booking clients with other clients or personal appointments.  One surprising thing it’s also helped me do is find gaps of time where I could be more productive in my days.  Turns out an hour and a half is a pretty good chunk of time to get some things taken care of, and I used to kind of toodle it away.
  • Monthly breakdowns – At the end of each month you do a review of the month behind you and a forecast for the one ahead.  It’s a great way to see if you’re on track with your goals and to check-in in general.

Monthly Plans

This year, I have the compact undated version because I like to be able to color it up how I want.  The compact version doesn’t hold as many reminders and details as the big daddy does but it’s a lot lighter load hauling around everywhere.  I use mine to keep track of my personal and work appointments during the week.  I use the big monthly planning pages and (eventually) the mind maps to plan out goals for the Studio and this little blog.

I’ve used several paper planners before but this is the only one I’ve purchased to use multiple years.  Check out their website – they’ve got PDFs you can download to try this style for a while before committing to buying an entire year.

Are you a paper or a digital calendar person?