Tulsa Love:Joe Station Dog Park

(please read this in a slightly broken British accent.  You know, as if Miley were speaking out loud to you.)

It’s a blog takeover today!  And that’s right, I’m a British street dog.  There’s no real reason for it except when mama makes me talk to her and other people, it always comes out in a slightly broken British accent.  You know, as if an American were trying to speak proper British.  But I let her entertain us and others with it.

Usually when mama writes these blog posts, I’m lying right next to her in bed.  She’ll tell you it’s because there’s nowhere else to sit in the house (true, there’s only a bench at the kitchen table for now) but I know it’s really because she is the most comfortable there and loves to snuggle up with me.

I know on Tuesdays she writes about things she loves about Tulsa so I thought a great way to get me to the dog park during the beautiful weather this week would be to recommend I guest blog for her….and it worked!  We went to run and chase balls yesterday.

Joe Station Dog Park is really close to the house – I think mama would run us there if it was not past the busy interstate but otherwise it’s just a quick car trip from downtown.  There are plenty of tennis balls provided to play with, water buckets and in the summer I love to play in the kiddie pools.

Most of the time I’ll run around chasing any ball that’s being thrown.  Mama does a good job of throwing them for me but sometimes I get distracted by others throwing balls too.  Or other kinds of balls like soccer balls.  I always go after those.  Luckily I’ve never heard owners get mad at mom, even though she gets embarrassed about me.  I just perk my ears up and wag my tail at people and they don’t mind.

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I love it.  Mama loves it so I can get tired without messing up her run.  Come play with us sometime!