All Terrain Spin Workout

One of the many things I keep in my fitness toolbox is the ability to whip up a Spin (indoor cycling) workout with music in a jiffy.

Here’s one I’ve been using a lot recently.  It has some great variety of hill and speed intervals.  I’ve even included the best songs to use!  Use the instructions below for a great 45 minute cross training and cardio workout.  Enjoy 😉


Song Resistance (1-10) RPM Cues
Wake Me Up, Avicii   Bike set up
Wrecking Ball Re-Mix, Miley Cyrus Flat road 90 30 seconds Right foot/left foot/both feet. (x2)  Increase RPM by 10 for last 3 minutes
Play Hard, David Guetta ft Ne-Yo 4 to 5 70-80 8 count jumps from 1 to 2 to 3
Right Round, Pitch Perfect 5 80 (seated)           70 (standing) Verse seated.    Chorus standing jog
Do What U Want, Lady Gaga 6 75 (seated)  70 (standing) Verse Seated.  Chorus out of saddle climb
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, Fallout Boy 5 to 6 Verse 80,        Sprint: 90, 100 and max Chorus sprints, increase RPMs for each round, all out on the last chorus
Animals, Martin Garrix same Start at 80, increase by 10 for each interval 30 seconds 80, 20 seconds 90, 10 seconds 100+  RPM  (x5)
Show Me The Money, Petey Pablo 6 to 7 60 to 70 Out of saddle climb, whole song
Hometown Glory Re-Mix, Adele 5 to 6 Start at 70 Increase by 10 RPM every 45 seconds until slow middle part.  Increase resistance one level and start over at 70 RPM
300 Violin Orchestra, Jorge Quintero start at 6 60+ Increase resistance by 1 every 45 seconds.  Keep RPM above 60 – standing climb when needed
Canon in D, Lullaby Piano Series 3 or less easy cool down



Tunesday: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

This time change is killing me.

I’m a morning person, so it’s not too much of an issue to me if we have extra light in the morning or not.  The only thing I like it for is to not feel scared when I take Miley for her morning walk.  I like the darkness and the quiet of the morning before the sun whispers people awake.

No, I’d much prefer that extra hour of light to come in the evenings.  So I could walk her in the dusk around 6 pm.  Or so I could run in the dusk of 6pm.  Instead, when I leave the stadium at school (which has no windows, so I never know what the weather will be like until I’m outside that stairwell door), I am greeted by the descending darkness before the 5 oclock hour turns on 6.

I thought this song by Fall Out Boy was appropriate for the recent seasonal change of light availability.  Looks like it’s time to get ready for plenty of running in the dark!

What are you listening to right now?

Tunesday: Wastin’ All These Tears

Over the weekend I went to see Cassadee Pope and Pat Green perform at Stubb’s.  It’s my favorite performance since I’ve lived in Austin, including all of ACL a few weekends ago.  Cassadee was the winner of The Voice and has just released her first album.  Little did I know that one of her songs had recently really been pumping up my runs.

I finished my last tempo circuit to this song last night (told you I’d get that run in), and in the past few weeks have had a couple tearful finishes to runs with this one.  It’s a great feeling when your sweat combines with your tears and both salty waters work together to heal your soul.




Tunesday: Texas on My Mind

Disclaimer: just because I chose a Texas song as my first Tunesday post on the personally professional blog does not mean I’ve turned into a Texan.  It just means I’ve got tickets to see Pat Green this weekend :).

When I run I don’t always like to listen to intense, high-energy pump-up style music.  My long runs are frequently backed by the easy-rolling guitars of country artists.

Pat Green

Texas on My Mind

I’ve got half a mind to call her, half a mind to go

Come on down to Texas y’all.