‘Twas the weekend before…

There are a few things I feel we need an update on.  BIG things.  Things happening in the next week.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Reindeer Games

I can’t wait to share this fun fitness treat with all of you.  What a great time of year to get rewarded for making healthy choices (the time of year when you least want to!).   A combination of cold weather, holidays, stress, delicious food and LOTS of wine/fireball/tequila/eggnog mean a few extra doughy pounds for most people.  PLUS there’s this big incentive to just wait until January 1.

I’m challenging you to START NOW (or on Monday at least).  Make a commitment to get at least a little exercise everyday.  Continue to cook healthy things for yourself.  Get enough sleep.  Pass on the fruitcake (not sure I’ve actually ever had a piece…it always just rotted in the fridge!).  AND GET REWARDED FOR IT ALL.

There will be weekly prizes and the top three overall winners at the end of the first round (3 weeks long) will get free coaching from me!

The Rules

The Rules

The Points

The Points

Can’t wait, and hope you’ll play!  There’s already been some Twitter trash talking between my parents…… email me: coachsprenkel @ gmail.com if you’re ready to join us!  Just $20 for three weeks.

Route 66 Half Marathon

The Runnin’ Fools have been training since I moved here for this race and they are so ready!  All the long runs are wrapped up and now they must just survive the anticipation of this week before they line up on Sunday.  I wanted so badly to run with them and had secured my entry.  Four days later I messed with a heavy bag at the kickboxing gym and lost that battle.  I’m on a “take it easy” prescription from the doc and waiting to hear about surgery.  So no running for me for the rest of the year.  We’ll have to discuss that later.

But the group is ready!  And I’ll be out there cheering them on.  I know they’re all hoping the Oklahoma weather turns up a bit….

That’s all the update for now, Miley may see snow for the first time tomorrow!!