Welcome to my journey to Boston. I'm counting down the days and the miles to the July 28 race to qualify!  It's going to take a little sprinkling of yoga, running and weights to get there, and I hope you find inspiration to add some or all of these to your own life!

99.-92. a learning process

99.-92. a learning process

Well, I knew I couldn't keep a perfect post-a-day track record.  But I'm trying hard not to fall into my usual all-or-nothing approach.  So, I'm clustering the last week together in a quick summary of runs and thoughts.  

99. Friday

I did my FitCamp circuits this day and prepped to go out of town for a 10k in the morning.  I'm pretty sure I also got 15x 30:30 sprints in on the treadmill.  It was a week ago as I write this so I don't know.  Chap and kid 5 picked me up a little later than we wanted but we hit the road up to Kansas.  I was supposed to have a team from the studio with me but with life and injuries happening I was the only representative.  And so lucky that Chap wanted to keep me company.

98. Saturday

I got up early to head to this 10k by myself - the Garmin Wizard of Oz 10k.  I love this story of four friends so much and plan to go back for this race often just so I can wear my Dorothy costume.  Seriously, it's such a big part of my childhood and memories of both my grandmas and my mama.  Did you know I have a full set of collectors Barbies in the Wizard of Oz characters?  Bet not.  And that I wanted my then-crawling brother's name to be changed to Toto?  Yep.

I planned to race this the best I could and was gunning for a PR but remembered the course to be the hilly route that it was.  I was so thankful the rain held off for the 10k at least.  I knew I was going as fast as I could because I had that burn in my legs that is hard to get to.  I lost some steam at the end but am proud of those times, considering I didn't treat training that week like I was racing on the weekend.  

I grabbed my medal and left back for the hotel to wake up my travel companions.  We grabbed breakfast and headed home.  Chap pressed me to go back and pick up my age group award which I am so glad I did!  It's one of the cooler trophies I've won, and I was reminded that that I never want to take my placing for granted, even as it becomes more common (something I never dreamed of) for me.  

We stopped to grab it, but unfortunately couldn't hang around for the end of the party because I had to get back for a 9 hour event shift.  Next year, I'm taking our studio team back and we'll not have to rush home!

97. Sunday


I decided to split up my long run this particular weekend since I had the race Saturday and not any time after to get the extra miles.  This weekend was kind of dreary and cold, and I took my sweet time dragging around the house trying to get out the door.  I finally did in the afternoon, and ran 9 steady assigned-pace miles.  I'm really trying to do better at sticking to paces, and not taking it too fast just because I feel good.  I'm trusting the training process and paces.  For the first three miles, I listened to some hippie bluegrass music to keep me from going too fast.  The middle three I switched to a podcast just to break up the run and finished back on that first playlist.  It was a really pleasant run and I enjoyed the time by myself.

nailing paces on tired post-race and post-work-in-non-athletic-shoes legs

nailing paces on tired post-race and post-work-in-non-athletic-shoes legs

96. Monday

I could feel the weekend catching up with me today but went for my FitCamp workout at 7am anyway.  I was already at the studio from teaching that morning so no point in skipping it!  Mondays are one of my longest days at the studio (again, not complaining, just making statements so I remember) and by the time I got home I was pretty beat.  I didn't do the extra workouts I would normally have scheduled for Monday.

95. Tuesday

After such a long weekend and Monday, I decided I needed to take Tuesday off.  I hadn't had a full rest day in over two weeks because of the way the long runs fell over two days that weekend.  I'm so happy I did but it sent me into a funk that I'm learning and noticing how to get out of.  I am such a person of routine that to not have run my track workout on this day, I didn't quite know what to do with that.  

94. Wednesday

Our sunshiney weather disappeared again this day and I just went right out of the sky with it.  My funk sank in deeper and although I managed to get my FitCamp workout in, I didn't get a run or the extra assignments in.  My body felt tired still so I tried to give it grace to rest but was going crazy mentally.

starting to feel like summer!

starting to feel like summer!

93. Thursday

Cloudy mood was still here.  I can't explain it, and maybe don't need to.  I have a little history with mild depression, and maybe just slipped into the cycle a little bit.  But, thanks to some encouragement from the people in my corner, I managed to sneak a run in in between classes in the afternoon.  It felt good, and was exactly what I needed to start to feel back on track.  It was my track workout for the week, in the descending ladder format.  I'm still not hitting the paces I'm *supposed to* on the charts, but I try to hit each interval under 7 min miles, and as long as I'm not on that Boston hill, I tend to!  I still need to find and run with some gals, or guys, faster than me to drag me along.

92. Friday

Today!  I slept and slept and slept.  I can't believe how much actually.  It's frustrating to feel this tired and not know why.  Because of this, I waited until the afternoon to get my circuits in.  It's so nice to have that privilege of being able to do them whenever I can.  

Lessons Learned

This is going to be hard.  And will continue to require special planning to maintain a balance between work, training and life.  I know I can do it, I'll just need to allow myself to have these breaks as I need them. And to continue to plan well, and ask for help when I need it or am feeling overwhelmed.  I'll continue to monitor my energy levels and look for solutions.  And damn do I have good people in my corner, from the cyberspace encouragement to the at home love and support.

91. throwback to my first state (florida)

91. throwback to my first state (florida)

100.  marathon training academy podcast

100. marathon training academy podcast